Last Public Execution by Guillotine

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There are some people still alive today who were present at the last public execution in France. Actor Christopher Lee, for instance. In the early morning of 17 June 1939, Eugène Weidmann bowed down before the blade of the guillotine, the last person to do so publicly.

Weidmann was the last person to be executed before a crowd in France. He had been convicted of multiple kidnappings and murders, including that of a young American socialite. His trial was a sensation in that tense summer of 1939; the Frankfurt-born Weidmann was quickly dubbed “Teutonic Vampire” by the tabloids. His execution outside the prison Saint-Pierre in Versailles was a noisy affair.  

In the days following the execution, the press was especially indignant at the way the crowd had behaved. Paris-Soir denounced the crowd as“disgusting”, “unruly”, “jostling, clamoring, whistling.” Among the sins the lofty paper found unforgivable was the crowd “devouring sandwiches”. More shockingly for the authorities, the unruly crowd delayed the execution beyond the usual twilight hour of dawn, enabling clear photographs — and one short film! — to be taken. The government regretted that public executions which were intended to have a “moralizing effect” now produced “practically the opposite results.” President LeBrun signed an order to hold executions only behind closed doors.

By this time, France was already an anomaly; the proud tradition of macabre spectacle dating back millennia  was fast becoming forbidden in the West.  Most German states banned public executions in the 1850s. England carried out her last public execution — that of the Fenian agitator Michael Barrett — in 1868, and most of her dominions followed. From then on, momentum was with ban of public executions. Liberal Denmark banned public executions in 1882, and abolished the death penalty altogether in 1933. In 1936, Kentucky became the last American state to ban public executions.

3 thoughts on “Last Public Execution by Guillotine

  1. Once we wrest back possession of our Republic.
    Public executions must be brought back.
    If for no other reason than that of being a deterrent.
    When people see what their fate will be, should they
    follow through with their warped ideas.
    Maybe they’ll think twice before enacting them.
    If not, for everyone that is witnessed.
    Could very well be a deterrent for many more.
    Either way, the public wins in the end.

    1. The public wins in the end,a totally foreign concept to the traitors now running the show. I’m quite certain that publicly executing many of them would set precedence for the rest , In a manor even they could comprehend!

  2. There is no more efficient or reliable (as in immediate death GUARANTEED) method of execution.

    The NWO will be definitely be exclusively using this method on all those with rare blood types. It’s the only form of execution that does absolutely no damage to the internal organs.

    It also aligns with Biblical prophecy.

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