Latest Gun Grabber Taxation Scheme Wants Gun Owners to Pay for Victims of Violence

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Manasquan, NJ –( Anti second amendment advocates, LUCINDA M. FINLEY and JOHN G. CULHANE recently wrote an opinion piece in the New York Times, titled “Make Gun Companies Pay Blood Money“, promoting that people exercising their constitutional right to keep and bear arms be made to pay a tax, that could then be used to pay victims of gun violence.  

“GUN manufacturers have gone to great lengths to avoid any moral responsibility or legal accountability for the social costs of gun violence — the deaths and injuries of innocent victims, families torn apart, public resources spent on gun-related crime and medical expenses incurred.”

“But there is a simple and direct way to make them accountable for the harm their products cause. For every gun sold, those who manufacture or import it should pay a tax. The money should then be used to create a compensation fund for innocent victims of gun violence.”

Question: Never mind the issue of taxing a constitutional right, but is the authors definition of “victims” the same as Mayor Michael Bloomberg who recently list the Boston Marathon Bombers in a list of so called “victims of gun violence“?

In an almost comical side note the authors go on to point out that the “Tax” would stop manufactures from marketing “especially lethal guns” as aggressively and concentrate more on marketing “Safer Guns”. What are they talking about?

Any gun can be dangerous in the hands of person bent on harming others, and no gun is more dangerous than another.

Maybe we should have a Stupid Tax with the proceeds going to victims of stupid ideas.

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6 thoughts on “Latest Gun Grabber Taxation Scheme Wants Gun Owners to Pay for Victims of Violence

  1. All the hype about gun control & false taxation doesn’t hold a candle to the Elitists these people are trying to hide & the horrific crimes they’ve committed. It just shows you how many people have warped values & love to take advantage of others. Take guns from the lawful & only the lawless will have guns! And, God forbid, the Elitists—-Continue to fight for Truth, Freedom & Liberty

  2. Wait ’till this bullsh!t bleeds over into the auto industry or any other industry that has a body count connected with their consumer product mis-usage. You only have to go to YouTube to see what dumbazzes do with beer bottles or dry ice for proof. Would be nice if they taxed cases of “Dumbazz” or “Medical Misconduct”…..balance the budget pretty quick.

  3. Recalling the recent vid of the negro home invasion in NJ where the White Woman was assaulted repeatedly in front of her children. Had she been armed and properly shot the negro to death would she have been charged? jewish controlled New Jersey is truly messed up. And now we have this…..

  4. “In an almost comical side note the authors go on to point out that the “Tax” would stop manufactures from marketing “especially lethal guns” as aggressively and concentrate more on marketing “Safer Guns”. What are they talking about?”

    Safer guns? BAHAHAHAHA!!!! Really? I’m not even going to waste my time commenting on that kind of stupidity.

    Is this author the same gay guy in the woman’s fur coat from the “Debating a gun control fanatic” video/article who believes that guns, knives, bottles and any sharp objects should be banned and/or made safer?

    Excuse me while I go hang the nanny.

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