Law enforcement forced to return tanks but can keep Humvees


The U.S. Bureau of Justice Assistance determined tracked armored vehicles are “designed specifically for use in military operations.” And “their appearance may undermine community trust when used in support of civilian law enforcement activities,” according to October report.

Tactical vehicles, such as High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle’s (HMMWV) otherwise known as Humvee’s are not considered armored vehicles, since they don’t have tracks! So that means, schools and police across the country can purchase and keep military grade Humvees.

“The Working Group has added a fourth category of vehicles to this list – Tactical Vehicles, such as HMMWVs, which are not armored vehicles.” Click here & here to read DHS/FEMA’s approved military equipment list for police.

HMMV’s can withstand fragmentation grenades and are equipped with bullet-proof glass.

Law enforcement has until ‘April Fools Day’ 2016 to return some military equipment…

“LEAs [Law Enforcement Agencies] will be permitted to apply for and acquire controlled equipment by certifying that they will be in compliance with the appropriate policies, training, and other requirements by April 1, 2016.”

Why April 1st.? Because you’d have to be a FOOL to believe our police will ever get rid of their armored personnel carriers, see more below:

Colleges are allowed to keep their weapons if the governing body approves their acquisition of tanks, grenade launchers etc.

“The Campus LEA’s civilian governing body – which is the IHE’s Board of Governors or an equivalent body – must explicitly approve the acquisition of controlled equipment, and such approval must be evidenced in the Campus LEA’s application to the Federal equipment program.

“In other words, silence or inaction by the Campus LEA’s civilian governing body does not constitute evidence of approval, and the “reasonable opportunity to review” standard does not apply to Campus LEA applications. Second, Campus LEAs must certify that their policies and training include specific provisions on using equipment in a way that does not chill speech, is not disruptive to the educational environment, and does not foster a hostile climate among students. Third, Campus LEAs must remove the militaristic appearance of any controlled equipment vehicles they acquire (if allowed by the Federal program) by, for example, painting  them a different color.”

The U.S. military is replacing HMMV’s with M117 security vehicles.  How long before they’re  patrolling our streets and campuses?

America’s military police are already using them in America! Click herehere, here & here to read more.

Police will still be allowed to wear camouflage uniforms…

“Federal agencies must ensure that LEA applicants are aware that Federally‐acquired camouflage‐patterned uniforms are authorized to be worn only in environments where they actually camouflage the wearer, as opposed to, for example, cities, towns, and other urban or populous areas. Implementing this requirement can be accomplished through changes to Memoranda of Understanding/Agreement, Federal agency guidance, or the application form.”

FYI, only 126 tracked vehicles have been recalled from agencies across the country, according to the Department of Defense.

Some of these police departments have more than one tank, Ohio has the most, with 18 tanks, followed by Michigan with 13!

For more info. please read…

Implementation of Recommendations: Federal Support for Local Law Enforcement Acquisitions.”

Recommendations Pursuant to Executive Order 13688 “Federal Support for Local Law Enforcement Equipment Acquisition.”

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