2 thoughts on “Lawyer serves supermarket manager with cease-and-desist order

  1. good luck with that! stores can still require customers to wear a mask even if there is NO requirement from government. they only exception would be for those of us that are mask exempt! then it is an ADA violation. 1st violation is $75k fine, 2nd is $150k fine.
    with all that said…… WE THE PEOPLE are tired of the ineffective mask mandate and just want to go back to work….

    1. Stores cannot require customers to wear masks under any f-king conditions, unless they can take that customer as an individual and in their individual capacity into a common law court, which does not exist, provide them with procedural due process as described in the Bill of Rights, and get a court order from a common law jury.
      They took the license. That makes them government agents, and they have absolutely no jurisdictional authority to order any medical intervention to go into that store, which via the license is public domain. And they sure as f-k have no jurisdictional authority to issue fines. He is a f-king store clerk for Christ’s sake. F-k their mandates and f-k their fines. Tar and feather and run their ass out on a rail, they are not but criminals in gross violation of the highest law of this land.
      As our common law rights are not being recognized, we are at war and we will enforce our law, one way or the other.

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