0 thoughts on “Libya After Gaddafi's Death

  1. Why didn’t Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama and the French just detain Gaddafi on the spot, when they all shook hands together not too long ago? They were all at the G8 summit in Italy, would have saved America one hell of a lot of trouble. Hell, France was one of the major players that have been bombing Libya for the last 7 months. You mean to tell me they weren’t planning to bomb this guy back in 2009?. Instead they drag the guy out of a Libyan sewage pipe and shoot him in the head?


    Would have saved America a couple of billion dollars. Instead, we have to see the gruesome head shot photos, as well as the body being dragged around the streets of Libya. The guy that shot him was looking for nothing more than the prize kill money.

    They love to show this garbage, but refuse to show the OccupyWallStreet crowd coverage, or any meaningful Ron Paul coverage. Another “the card monte” neocon Koch Brothers funded media circus act?

    1. Oh yeah, and lets not forget about the 38 separate armed militias running around with thousands of stolen weapons, a result of all of this by the way, and a couple thousand ground to air missiles missing, floating around. Are the armed militias all on the same side? What exactly was accomplished here?

      1. Kind of makes you feel like the character played by Jack Nicholson in “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest” doesn’t it?

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