Lies from Fukushima are Killing Babies

The Fukushima disaster appeared as a single blip on the radar last week when the extent of the lies and cover ups that have been ongoing since the inception were revealed.  So in light of this admittance is there now an open dialogue designed to get factual and truthful information to the multitudes around the world and especially in the United States who are being directly and adversely affected by the ongoing disaster?  Absolutely not.

We have found out that the infant mortality rate has risen on the west coast by 35% since the radiation arrived from Fukushima and 2% across our nation.  Our ground water and food from every category is now showing contamination.

“The recent CDC Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report indicates that eight cities in the northwest U.S. – Boise, Idaho; Seattle, Wash.; Portland, Ore.; plus the northern California cities of Santa Cruz, Sacramento, San Francisco, San Jose and Berkeley – reported the following data on deaths among those younger than one year of age:

  • 4 weeks ending March 19, 2011: 37 deaths (average 9.25 per week)
  • 10 weeks ending May 28, 2011: 125 deaths (average 12.50 per week)

This amounts to an increase of 35 percent – the total for the entire U.S. rose about 2.3 percent – and is statistically significant. Of further significance is that those dates include the four weeks before and the 10 weeks after the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant disaster.”

I personally will not eat any marine life coming out of the Pacific Ocean as it has become heir apparent that those in the United States government, whom we employ to protect us, do not care if we are radiated so long as the international nuclear industry continues to rake in profits.  And the mainstream media in this country can only be considered an active participant in the cover up, which is not surprising as they are all owned by the corporations.

The ongoing contamination of our country should be the number one issue in the news because the economy, jobs, international, and social issues become a mute point when we are dead from radiation poisoning.  I think the Japanese government, the United States government, and the international nuclear regulatory agencies should be held criminally liable for their deliberate cover up of the facts, and their refusal to investigate and document the extent of the damage.

If I as a citizen withhold my assistance to a person in dire need on a street corner and death or serious bodily injury results as a consequence of my failing to provide assistance in a way that does not put me in jeopardy, I am held liable, both criminally and civilly.  And if you want to get down to it that is what is at issue here.

If it can be shown that the deaths of babies across this country are the result of the meltdowns at Fukushima, are not TEPCO, the Japanese government, and the nuclear regulatory agencies criminally and civilly liable?  But of course to take any such action to court there would have to be data in support.  So what these three groups of criminals are doing is negating their responsibilities by using the very powers we have given them to investigate and compile data to not investigate and compile data.

In a nutshell, the very people who are responsible for the disaster at Fukushima should not be in charge of ascertaining the extent of the damage they have caused and hence their liability.  There are definite conflicts of interest here and the lives of people around the planet weigh in the balance.  Why is there not an outcry for a third party investigation made up of individuals with no stake other than ascertaining the facts and compiling the data?  It is time for people of the world to insist upon it.

Another Report and Reference Contributed by Mark Schumacher

More and more stories are coming online about infant mortality rates associated with possible radiation problems associated with the Fukushima nightmare. The Trenches World Report makes sure that this information is posted as soon as it is found. Hopefully, this might be of some help to the people who live in these regions to take extra precautions as required to protect their loved ones.

“Physician Janette Sherman, M.D. and epidemiologist Joseph Mangano published a report Monday highlighting a 35% spike in northwest infant mortality after Japan’s nuclear meltdown.

The report spotlighted data from the CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report on infant mortality rates in eight northwest cities, including Seattle, in the 10 weeks after Fukushima’s nuclear meltdown.

The average number of infant deaths for the region moved from an average of 9.25 in the four weeks before Fukushima’ nuclear meltdown, to an average of 12.5 per week in the 10 weeks after. The change represents a 35% increase in the northwest’s infant mortality rates.

In comparison, the average rates for the entire U.S. rose only 2.3%.”


FYI     Exposure to Radiation Symptoms

Listed below are some of the probable prompt and delayed effects of certain doses of radiation when the doses are received by an individual within a twenty-four hour period.

Dosages are in Roentgen Equivalent Man (Rem)

  • • 0-25 No injury evident. First detectable blood change at 5 rem.
  • • 25-50 Definite blood change at 25 rem. No serious injury.
  • • 50-100 Some injury possible.
  • • 100-200 Injury and possible disability.
  • • 200-400 Injury and disability likely, death possible.
  • • 400-500 Median Lethal Dose (MLD) 50% of exposures are fatal.
  • • 500-1,000 Up to 100% of exposures are fatal.
  • • 1,000-over 100% likely fatal.

The delayed effects of radiation may be due either to a single large overexposure or continuing low-level overexposure.

Example dosages and resulting symptoms when an individual receives an exposure to the whole body within a twenty-four hour period.

100 – 200 Rem

  • First Day               No definite symptoms
  • First Week          No definite symptoms
  • Second Week     No definite symptoms
  • Third Week         Loss of appetite, malaise, sore throat and diarrhea
  • Fourth Week     Recovery is likely in a few months unless complications develop because of poor health

400 – 500 Rem

  • First Day               Nausea, vomiting and diarrhea, usually in the first few hours
  • First Week          Symptoms may continue
  • Second Week    Epilation, loss off appetite
  • Third Week         Hemorrhage, nosebleeds, inflammation of mouth and throat, diarrhea, emaciation
  • Fourth Week     Rapid emaciation and mortality rate around 50%


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  1. All the more reason to follow the Andrea Rossi E-Cat story. It is now very unlikely to be a fraud. Stay tuned for the upcoming announcement from Greece. “Cold Fusion” or more accurately “LENR” is now a commercially viable answer to all of the worlds energy needs.

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