Libya and Syria – Stepping Stones to World War III

Well the blatant attacks on civilians in Libya by the U.S. led NATO are now becoming commonplace.  What was sold to the American people as a no-fly-zone is now being shown to be in truth an aggressive air war for the sole purpose of regime change, and innocent people are being killed every day.

Of course amid the latest allegations, NATO is conducting an investigation of itself.  What do you want to bet they are going to find that they have done nothing wrong and in fact the civilian deaths are the fault of Muammar Gaddafi and Libyan government troops because they will not go out in the middle of the desert and hold perfectly still so that the bombs can hit them.

The U.S. led NATO is blowing up universities and private homes in what in reality appears to be a carpet bombing of Tripoli.  And every time civilians are killed they simply say there were pro-Gaddafi forces hiding in that building.  Tell me, how would they know who was going to be in any given building at any given time of day?  No, the blanket bombing of the city has a decided purpose and that is to punish the civilian population for not joining the Al Qaida insurgency against their government.

And now we have moved a warship into the Black Sea which is agitating Russia.  This as more of our warships sit off of Syria in the Mediterranean Sea and also as we continue to illegally bomb Pakistan which is allied to China.

People the stage is being set for a world war, which is going to start in the Middle East.  The international elite are deliberately causing upheaval all around the planet in an attempt to get the peoples of the world at one another’s throats in reaction to the international economic terrorism being unleashed by those hiding in the shadows.

If we allow ground troops to be put in Libya and Syria; Pakistan, China, and Russia will react, especially Russia as its only port in the Mediterranean is in Syria.

I believe the international elite have decided to cull what they consider to be their herd.  Make no mistake, they want to kill billions of us and the only way we can stop World War III is through our refusal.  We are looking at 6,000 elite individuals trying to coerce 6 billion of us into killing one another.  These people are sadists and evil beyond conception.  Our every effort should be in arresting, convicting, and punishing them.  Not for what they are about to do, but rather for what they have already done.

Thank God for the internet as it would seem that it is the only way we can connect with the other peoples around the world and let them know that our government does not represent us and that we desire nothing more than peace with all the peoples of the world.  And that we have evolved beyond the concept of killing people we not only do not know, but have absolutely nothing against, just because a government tells us to.

God help mankind to rise above governments.

3 thoughts on “Libya and Syria – Stepping Stones to World War III

  1. Have as much fun as you can, while you can, brothers and sister’s, because we’re fucking doomed. The elitist have realized that we won’t give up our arms, we won’t get on cattle cars and go to Fema death camps, chem-trail poisoning is too slow, so what better way to get rid of all of us worthless peons than a red hot war. The ultra-rich elitist’s have been building and stockpiling deep underground shelters for 30 years , so they’re not worried. They even have one under the Denver,Co. Airport, in case they gotta get there in a big hurry. I hope they all agonizingly, burn in Hell for eternity ! God Bless the rest of us.

  2. If we can stop our brothers ,sisters, fathers and mothers who are in the armed forces. Persuade them that they are sheep being led to the slaughter and bringing all of us with them. Then and only then will we have a chance. But as long as we have idiot people who feel powerful in a uniform who feel they can save there country we will all die. There are to many “rambo’s” out there who believe in there country so much so they have become “deaf, dumb and blind” to the truth. These soldiers who are brain washed when they join up, cant and wont believe the people they think they are protecting. The proof is when troops were sent to Iraq and Afghanistan they believed they went to kill terrorist. But in the end the saw no terrorist. Right now in Libya a straight forward civil war is in progress and it is illegal for any other country to intervene. But because it has not gone to plan and Gaddafi is still in power they decided to do the job themselves. This of coarse is called “helping the innocent people”. I wonder if a civil war broke out “again” in the USA would they like some other country to bomb there people and land? The secret to all this is one don’t believe what they say about terrorists and two do what they are doing and take control of our armed forces. THEN WE WILL WIN.

  3. Come my children, let the time of darkness begin. My warnings have gone unheard. My justice is about to begin. Turn your foolish hearts toward Heaven and pray. Pray that the darkness will not last too long.

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