List Of The Elite That Run The Federal Reserve

Before It’s News- by Josey Wales  Proof that the NEW WORLD ORDER has been planned by the elite.

Robert Welch, Founder of The John Birch Society, predicted today’s problems with uncanny accuracy back in 1958 and prescribed solutions in 1974 that are very similar to Ron Paul’s positions today.

This is proof that there are plans in place by the elite to systemically disassemble US sovereignty. I wonder who those elite are.

Here they are!


We Own and Run The Federal Reserve We Are Your Enemy.

  1. Lord Jacob de Rothchild
  2. his son Nathaniel de Rothchild
  3. Barron John de Rothchild
  4. Sir Evelyn de Rothchild
  5. David Rockefeller
  6. Nathan Warburg
  7. Henry Kissinger
  8. George Soros
  9. Paul Volker
  10. Larry Summer
  11. Lloyd Blankfein
  12. Ben Shalom

The FED is a private for PROFIT bankster cartel which controls the money supply. The FED profits off of interest on our national debt when we pay our IRS taxes.

THE HIGHER THE DEFICIT the more PROFIT! The FED has NEVER been audited. Who owns the FED and what COUNTRY are they from?

The Founders REVOLTED from this same “FOR PROFIT” Central Bank system of European Kings. They knew it would eventual lead to debt servitude.

The King’s Bank came back 1913 along with the IRS when the Federal Reserve Act was established. Both of these institutions are UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

Both of these institutions are planks of the COMMUNIST MANIFESTO! Abolish the FED and IRS and let REAL CAPITALISM return to the U.S. The Crony Capitalism of the Fed Bankster Cartel gives the US a bad name throughout the World.

The Fed, IMF, World Bank finance more cartels to divide the people and bleed their wealth: Democrats, Republicans, Media Moguls, Big Oil, ADM, Big Pharma, etc. Corruption BREEDS Corruption.

The US foreign policy has become just like the British Empire of the Colonial Era. 130 bases in 160 countries(for freedom NOT bankster interests RIGHT?) Wars for natural resources and pipelines fought by the media indoctrinated Patriots, poor, minorities and mercenaries.

Mercenaries = Hessians = Blackwater. History repeats Itself. Let the political, financial and Holleywood elite go fight these wars if they so desire. Fight on the front lines, NOT in the “Green Zone” Google: Jimmy Stewart and WWII.

MILITARY gave highest contributions to Dr RON PAUL! The global financial elite use this system to foment wars thru corruption and media control.

They expand then collapse economies in order to repo real assets and natural resources with paper fiat currency. “Fiat” means ROYAL DECREE.

FIAT currency has value as money because the KING says SO!

They do this over and over thru the world until the middle class is eradicated.

More power and wealth falls into fewer hands. Only kings and slaves remain.

Kings get bailouts, pensions, media protection and real assets and money. (FDR confiscated OUR gold in 1933)

Slaves get war, taxes, terrorist profiling, media derision and inflated fiat currency.


23 thoughts on “List Of The Elite That Run The Federal Reserve

  1. One cannot listen often enough to the words of JFK in this speech which got him killed. There is nothing the NWO fear worse than to have the truth spoken. Well done Henry and your contributors, God bless!

  2. They are all very ugly. Two-bagger ugly…..if they didn’t have money and power, nobody would want to play w them. Corrupt, ugly, mean, selfish, nasty, vain, arrogant horrible people…..should not be allowed to reproduce! Feed them some of their GMO corn, if anyone needs to be sterilized it is all of these people!!

      1. Well said, Occupy Isreal and the rest will fall. Its a haven for these filthy parasites to conduct their evil, hidden behind the guise of a country and demanding we treat them as such. They are not! And the commoner who makes his home there now actually believes he was chosen by ‘god’ to be the master of the common man. Eradicate it now! End the sham they call Isreal! It Isnt’Real! And so what of its hateful, i actually do hate them. and a quick p.s. to the nose squad, My mothers name was Rubin, so Ram it you filth!

        1. I’d add the City of London to the mix, perhaps also the District of Columbia, and the Vatican. These are all sovereign territories.

  3. The reality that there are readily available outlets of information that expose these creatures and their insidious plots proves that things aren’t going quite according to plan. This is one of the main reasons why we’re hearing the drums beating louder about “cyber terrorism”, because they’ll try to use that as an excuse to cripple the internet (namely truth sites like this one).

    Indeed, as another poster commented, these are extremely ugly and detrimental creatures (I will not call them “people” because they have lost the privilege of being referred to in such a manner), and this world quite literally will be a better place once they’re all dealt with.

  4. The idea that legitimizes banker rule is that “interest” is lawful. Compound interest is what makes the rich richer and the poor poorer.

    Even if the Federal Reserve Act were overturned, these same psychopaths (or ones like them) will return to power as long as people believe that usury is OK. Usury is cheating. It’s time to understand money and move forward.

    The Muslims (and the ancient Christians and Jews) are right to outlaw interest. Their reasoning (religious belief) is wrong, of course, but the idea is correct and scares the pants off of bankers — thus the “War on Terror.”

    No one has a right to benefit unjustly from the creation of sovereign currency. Interest should always be ZERO. If we do not learn this lesson, we will fail to free ourselves from the chains of usury.

    1. It’s not just the interest. If they created a million out of nothing and loaned it to the US, the US still owes a million real dollars back to them. The US gov’t needs to print/coin its own money, like JFK & Lincoln tried to do…

      1. If we borrowed a million worthless dollars with the fraudulent interest attached, all we owe is a million worthless dollars minus the fraudulent interest.
        I propose a four foot diameter, two inch thick, zinc $32 trillion coin to settle our debt, with of course a return of the $32 trillion in the real wealth of our country that was seized as collateral for the $32 trillion they borrowed for us in our name.

        1. Sounds good – ehehe – a big zinc coin! Or we could just repudiate the debt altogether, like Iceland did. If the world were just, all the (non)Federal (no)Reserve bankers would go to guantanamo, too.

          We the people have the power to decide among ourselves what to use as money and start using it. We don’t need no stinkin’ federal gov’t anyway. We the people need to evict the current occupants of DC.

  5. @ usurykills well done, not one in a million makes the connection.

    Think of the $1.5 trillion interest on the national debt based on illusory money but collected from the taxes of the productive to be given to the secretive conjurors of this paper script, it is the greatest scam ever invented to transfer wealth and yet none will question.

    For some reason we love the oppressor, look at impoverished, demoralized Greece where the people still want to stay in the Euro and pay the Troika usury, it beggars belief.

  6. Gee, you’d think with all that money they’d be better looking, and you’d think that since they only eat organic food (not the GMO crap us little people are forced to eat because supermarket foods are not labled GMO–yet assume most supermarket foods are GMO) which they can have shipped from wherever for thousands of bucks, or grown on their plantations, that they’d look healthier than they do. Maybe the evil that they carry within them is manifested in how they look and what they really are. Too bad Lynne Forrester de Rothschild isn’t shown here as well. When she met Evelyn through Kissinger she was quite a beauty (and Evelyn married her specifically to enrich the inbred Rothschild gene pool, and no other reason), but now? Not so much. Don’t have a pix on hand but last time I saw a pix of her she actually looked her age, which was late 60s or early 70s.

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