Rand Paul Speaks out for Zion

The treasonous little neo-con pimp, Rand Paul, stepped up front and center yesterday to declare himself a lucrative part of the international socialist insurgency.  Yeah, Rand was just one of the boys giving his expert opinion on how his insurgent brother, Paul Ryan, should handle himself at the debate.  Rand is actually unique in the world of traitors, as, considering that his father is Ron Paul, he knows exactly what he is doing when he steps up to commit treason.

The theory is that during this phony debate, which will have already happened by the time this article comes out, the sleazy old commie degenerate Joe Biden will attack his opponent with the fact that Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney want to go after Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and food stamps, to save us from economic disaster, of course.  And this is where the sleazy little Rand Paul comes in.

In an interview with Neil Cavuto, Rand Paul stated unequivocally that it is Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid that have precipitated our $16 trillion debt.  Rand said that after World War II there was a baby boom and now that all of those baby boomers are reaching retirement age, well there just aren’t enough workers in the work force to pay their benefits.  This is where Rand’s treason shines and his elitist tendencies come forth.

You see Rand has been stalking the old and the poor for quite a while now and he has no problem implementing fuzzy math and out and out lies to facilitate his Zionist masters.

How about this Rand?  Those baby boomers who are going to take the most ever from Social Security, paid in the most ever.  That is why the Social Security account has a $5 trillion surplus, $2 trillion of which you and your Zionist masters have already stolen.

How unreasonable of us, balking at the idea of retiring at 105 years old so you can take the money we have paid in for the past 40 years and give it to your Zionist masters in Israel.  Hell, we don’t need food or medical care or shelter.  We should just kill ourselves for Israel.

Rand blamed our $16 trillion debt on people collecting benefits that they paid into.  How about this, Rand, $16 trillion in bailouts for your elitist banker buddies in the United States, another $16 trillion for your elitist banker masters for their central banks in other countries, $2 trillion stolen by Dick Cheney and Halliburton, and another $3 trillion financing foreign wars for your Zionist masters.

I think old Ron ought to kick the Zionist milk man’s ass and make him pay back the cash he put out raising your arrogant little ass.  I and many more like me are looking forward to the day you are brought forward to answer for your treason.  May that day be soon.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

15 thoughts on “Rand Paul Speaks out for Zion

  1. We need to have a debate about all of the stolen money that hasn’t been traced. Start with the 2 trillion stolen from the Galaxy air lifters that were headed for Iraq.

  2. Rand is a hypocrite, all hypocrites should be shown the door. That will leave the 99% to get on with living honest God fearing lives with mutual respect and care for one another. Perhaps Ron Paul would take up the honorary position of being president so that we also would have wisdom at the head of our nation.

    What a refreshing idea that would be.

  3. I get so sick of these little bastards putting this off as our fault.These greedy punks borrowed out of OUR fund that WE paid into to fund all their bs wars and payoffs with the saying it would get put back.Well you little chickensh@#s when we are ready in a couple years to collect and you say you don’t have it then we’ll sue you with your own law.It will be under the rico act for extortion.If that dosen’t work then a real ass kickin is going to take place.Old people aren’t as fast but we more cunning

  4. Fool me once shame on you…………….to think I donated to this traitor, i can’t get off his mailing list, he’s like a hemorrhoid.

    1. anyone else catch that video of rand paul trying to get a White House reporter arrested for asking him a tough question? he literally had her stalked and harrassed. quite a powerful expression of who this sleazy weazel really is. never likely him, even before he outed himself as a corrupt whore. problem is too are the corrupt whores who vote him into office

  5. And while you’re at it, Henry, I’d appreciate you going after that son-of-a-gun Jim Quinn at Burning Platform.com (http://www.theburningplatform.com) for his utter hatred of Baby Boomers who he thinks will “steal” all the money that ought to go to his favorite generation, Generation X’ers–which, of course, he belongs to! And tell him DL. of Something Happening Here (http://itsafluffy.blogspot.com), a Baby Boomer who raised two Millennials, homeschooled both WITHOUT going on the govt. dole AND paying school taxes without using the school system and also spent some years with a four figure income AND never went on welfare…telll that tax-feeder of Baby Boomer paid-in “entitlements” sent you!

  6. Hey Rand , you sold out your father , you sold out the country ; who’s next ? Remember Rand , when you dance w / the devil , YOU WILL GET BURNED . Have a nice day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I became suspicious of Ron Paul during the 2008 primaries when he failed to buy sufficient TV campaign ads for the New Hampshire primary and those that were produced were incredibly amateurish. Then he refused to challenge voting discrepancies, refused to run in a Third Party, refused to support a write-in campaign. He did, however, keep the millions of dollars that people like me had specifically donated to his campaign but that he had neglected to spend. Because, you know, it’s so hard to spend money when you’re running for President.

  8. @ imp I also contributed and also have a question, however I have wasted money on many things in life and would like to have it all back but c’est la vie !. Listen to Ron Paul even today he speaks with understanding and teaches us, what would it cost to go to a good university and gain such knowledge? The price we both paid was cheap.

    Do not underestimate Ron Paul and do not underestimate the evil forces that control both political parties and especially the FED that prints the occult debt currency, I much prefer a live Ron Paul to a dead Ron Paul. JFK spoke out and paid the ultimate price. It is a dance withy the devil and I think Ron knows how to tango.

  9. Ron Paul is requesting that “we” support Rand…is it not time to end these entitlement jobs? Shouldn’t Rand get a real job?
    I like Jesse Ventura, Jesse endorses the Libertarian party and so do I.
    Ron Paul failed us…he could have connected with Jesse who has all the fight in the world to save our nation. Yet Ron was not interested. Instead he is pushing his Libermann type son onto us. Enough of Israel…end the welfare to these Ferranges style money whores.
    Visit http://UncensoredTV.net to watch videos related to Gary Johnson, Judge Andrew Napolitano, Peter Schiff, Adam Kokesh, Jesse Ventura and more.
    Gov. Jesse Ventura & Gov. Gary Johnson Tear it Up in Minnesota – Macalster College (2012-09-21)
    Download in HD with a Firefox Add-on like ‘Easy YouTube Video Downloader’ or Download @ http://youtubeinmp4.com/youtube.php?video=v=qn290hy9qrI
    I give up on Ron Paul…

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