LISTEN: One man slowed down the sound of crickets chirping, and it’s incredible

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Crickets are meant to be symbols of luck in many cultures. From ancient Chinese culture, to Native American beliefs, to even Jiminy Cricket in Pinocchio, crickets are thought to be wise and bearers of good fortune.

While everyone is familiar with the sound of crickets chirping at dusk in summertime, musician Jim Wilson decided to do a little audio tweaking to the sound of the little creatures to see what they sounded like slowed down. The result is pretty astounding; they sound like a human choir.  

The recording was actually made in 1992 and it has reemerged as a viral sensation thanks to Reddit. Wilson said he recorded the cricket sounds from his backyard, then slowed it down until he started to see a melody emerging.

There is some speculation to how authentic the recording is, and whether or not opera singer Bonnie Jo Hunt was a part of the layered sound. Regardless, it’s still pretty amazing to listen to.

Crickets make their chirps by rubbing their wings together. One wing has a jagged side and the other has a smooth side, creating the unique tone. The chirps are mainly used by males to attract females, although males also occasionally chirp when they fight other males, according to

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2 thoughts on “LISTEN: One man slowed down the sound of crickets chirping, and it’s incredible

    1. Yes, I thought that too. I was also thinking that it would be a good de-stresser. First time that I heard it my dog started snoring in a minute or two and then I was nodding off, 🙂 , Subliminalls now that I think about it, eh Hawkeye. 🙁

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