Louisiana lawmakers vote to exempt themselves from gun ban in most public buildings

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Lawmakers in Louisiana passed a measure Tuesday to exempt themselves from gun restrictions at public buildings in the state.

The House voted 79-12 to approve a bill that would allow them to carry concealed weapons in courthouses and state offices, as judges and district attorneys are already permitted, reported New Orleans City Business.  

The bill’s author, Sen. Bret Allain (R-Franklin), said lawmakers need to carry weapons because they often face the threat of violence.

Lawmakers would be required to go through annual training.

An amendment by Rep. Jeff Thompson (R-Bossier City) removed a requirement suggested by the House criminal justice committee that legislators also first undergo a psychological test.

Legislators would not be permitted to carry weapons at the state Capitol, where only judicial officials may carry firearms.

Rep. Barry Ivey (R-Baton Rouge) suggested another amendment to allow anyone in Louisiana to carry guns in most public buildings to appease concerns about special treatment.

But Thompson, who presented the measure, said lawmakers would simply be added to an existing class and not set aside in special category.

The amended bill will go back to the state Senate for consideration.


4 thoughts on “Louisiana lawmakers vote to exempt themselves from gun ban in most public buildings

  1. These SOBs slipped this one in. They had said that they were not going to vote on this and then at the last minute they did it anyway. They also voted to allow cops to conceal carry off duty in bars and other places that the “subjects” are not allowed to. So now we will have drunk cops in bars with guns and an unarmed public and arrogant lawmakers carrying guns in places that we cant. Just another way to train the sheep to believe that “they” are above us.

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