Lucis Trust -The Occult World Peace Plan.. The United Nations

Published on Aug 7, 2015

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Proponents of world peace claim that humanity is moving into the New Age of Aquarius. The Age of Aquarius is allegedly and transition into a new era for society; a time of peace, joy and harmony among the citizens of the world. This new age utopia includes the formation of a new religion – the religion of the New Age. But the new age religion is not a religion. It can best be described as spiritual humanism because it involves the creation of a spiritual system that does not worship the God of the Bible. Instead, the ‘god’ of the new age spiritual movement is Lucifer. This new one world religion preaches tolerance. It is tolerant of every religion except Christianity. This video explains why that is and every Christian needs to know about the not so secret agenda of the peace movement. This is compulsory viewing for any serious minded Christian who seeks to understand what is really happening behind the scenes. – See more at:…

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