Magically disappearing cartridges

Published on Mar 17, 2019

It can NOT be “LIVE” footage, because of this simple FACT — in REALITY ejected brass cartridges do NOT disappear in mid-air! And if it wasn’t live, the WHOLE thing was pre-recorded and edited AFTERWARDS to make it LOOK like live footage!

Does that mean that no one died? NO! The people who have the power to STAGE something like this must also have caused some REAL victims; how else do you fool all the first responders, nurses, doctors and law enforcement personnel?

The point of this “leaked live video” was to create EMOTIONS to cloud our judgment, and it worked. I and many others were fooled.

Some parts of the video are pretty convincing, other parts just seem UNREAL though– the shooter and the victims behave in a very STRANGE way, no one inside the mosque is screaming, there is some blood here and there, but no blood on the WHITE walls after two groups of people have been shot with DOZENS of high powered assault rifle rounds, nor are there ANY bullet holes in the walls behind the piles of bodies, etc.

The magically disappearing brass cartridges seal the deal for me. The “live” video must be FAKE. With staged events like this, they want to create FEAR to play us against each other and to make us hate and fight each other!

Their ultimate goal is TOTAL GUN CONTROL.

Special Thanks to Carsten Kaiser​, “Das Sonnenmacher- Männchen” and “WahrheitsMinisterium” for this video: See also:…

May God Almighty bless and protect us all from these satanic LIARS and KILLERS. This I hope and pray in the name of our beloved Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

8 thoughts on “Magically disappearing cartridges

  1. The deep state Satanists can not get on with their anti Christ if the Christians they want to eliminate have guns! Never give them up!

  2. These people are stupid
    Because the original footage has been saved
    So what ever they think they are hiding , they’re not
    And no I will not disarm because of a problem you created , especially not for one they created just for that purpose
    Nice try though , idiots
    Arm up people, the shits getting deep

  3. do you know why they removed this video, because it was telling the truth and in a totalitarian dictatorship they all have one rule, logic is an enemy and the truth is a menace, and this tells me that this whole event was Fake!

  4. lust like the so called shootings in this country is also Fake, I think its all being used to get our Guns!

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