5 thoughts on “Making Liberty Ingots

  1. Haa… Several years back I was into “cowboy shooting” …hit up many tire stores and service stations to gather their old lead tire weights…..buckets full!….
    We took beer cans and cut the tops of……left about 3 inches of the bottom and melted the lead into them……nice little rounds……about 2lbs each…..gave away most,..re-casted the others…….mite need to start it up again….just for posterity sake

    1. Just go to your local salvage/scrap yard or ask a scrapyard employee if you know one and they will sell wheel weights for pennies for a lb.+ . Those lead is really cheap. Service stations like you mentioned are real good too, and who knows , you may find some like minded people that would be interested in reloading.

      1. Yeah I cast fishing weights also…made a few bucks at flea-markets doing that.

        I still cast round ball in .44 and ball for 45.70,
        we have cast .30 for swagged or boat tails,but they have some accuracy problems…instead of “MOA”,…its more like “MOB”….. “Minute of BARN”…LOL!! .i’m guessing its the impurities in the lead, and the occasional hollow spot that can form if it cools to fast….but in a pinch they do just fine when the stores run out!

        We did find however, that for LUBE,…ordinary Lard or pig fat, ..works fine and gives the rifle a certain “French-fry” smell after a cpl rounds…..helps keep lead fouling down just as good as store bought bullet lube….even better i think….but still get the munchies when I shoot these…..hmmmmm.

        1. 🙂 , I like your pig fat/lard idea oldvet. I used to know alot of that stuff but – as they say – age related memory prob.creeping up on me a bit I`m starting to think lol. Naw oldvet, I used to know alot of that stuff but I always seem to forget untill someone brings things like that up and then I`ll remember 🙂 .

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