Man arrested in Calif. for death threats against Arpaio

AZ Family – by Christina O’Haver

MARICOPA COUNTY, Ariz. — A man was arrested in California Thursday morning in connection with death threats made against Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Stephen Crow, 35, allegedly called the Maricopa Police Department Wednesday night and made threats against the sheriff.

He reportedly referred to Arpaio as a “racist” and “Hitler,” and said he was going to take over Maricopa County and kill the sheriff.  

Investigators traced Crow’s cellphone to a Winnetka hotel, where he was taken into custody by Los Angeles police.

“Stephen Crow did come to the door of the hotel. He did admit to making the calls,” said MCSO Det. Brian Mackiewicz. “He was very proud that he threatened the sheriff and since then he’s been very uncooperative.”

He was being held in a Los Angeles County jail Thursday evening on $50,000 bond.

According to the sheriff’s office, Arpaio was scheduled to be in California Thursday for a speech.

“We took this threat very serious because we didn’t know if the suspect was actually waiting for the sheriff in LA or in California to carry out this threat,” Mackiewicz said.

Crow, who is known to live in Tempe, has a criminal record stretching across multiple states, according to the sheriff’s office.

He is wanted on five warrants, two of which are out of Maricopa County.

Crow has served time in a Pennsylvania prison for terrorist threats, and he has been in Arpaio’s jails on at least four separate occasions on charges of shoplifting, and threatening and intimidating.

The sheriff’s office said Crow has also been arrested in the town of Maricopa for possession of several weapons and marijuana plants.

According to the sheriff’s office, Arpaio’s tough stance on immigration has led to multiple threats from places as far as Canada and Mexico.

An Oklahoma man, Gregory Shrader, was recently sentenced to seven years in federal prison after a Flagstaff postal worker intercepted a mail bomb addressed to Arpaio.

“Unfortunately, there is an increasing number of people that appear to have dangerous ideas planted in their heads,” Mackiewicz said. “The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office is not going to tolerate these types of threats and takes each of them very serious.”

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9 thoughts on “Man arrested in Calif. for death threats against Arpaio

  1. I’d like to hear the phone calls threatening Arpaio, if they even occurred. They’ve been talking all last week about “Lone Wolf” terrorists and this really fits almost too good. I’m sure he’ll have his day in court a couple years down the road like the Boston bombing suspect.

        1. The wide-open eyes are indications of ritual torture – either by the Illuminati or from the MK-ultra program of the CIA (not much difference there actually).
          These same eyes are visible in pictures of (the supposed) Adam Lanza and other “shooters” like the one in Aurora Colo.

          1. Stuck on stupid, I was a tweaker back in the mid to late 90s.

            The only time I got busted for under the influence, my mug shot looked just like that.


  2. “Unfortunately, there is an increasing number of people that appear to have dangerous ideas planted in their heads,” Mackiewicz said.”

    Ideas PLANTED?

    I agree. The so-called ‘government’ is the ‘gardener’.

    I don’t agree, however, that this is one of those cases.

  3. Who cares? This guy’s a nobody and Arpaio’s an ass and a traitor for not arresting Barry and the rest of his cohorts for high treason.

    1. Right there with you ,, all talk no ass Arpaio ,, and this guy was a set up

      game over for both as far as i see it

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