Man Dies in Police Raid on Wrong House

ABC News  A 61-year-old man was shot to death by police while his wife was handcuffed in another room during a drug raid on the wrong house.

Police admitted their mistake, saying faulty information from a drug informant contributed to the death of John Adams Wednesday night. They intended to raid the home next door.

The two officers, 25-year-old Kyle Shedran and 24-year-old Greg Day, were placed on administrative leave with pay.

“They need to get rid of those men, boys with toys,” said Adams’ 70-year-old widow, Loraine.

John Adams was watching television when his wife heard pounding on the door. Police claim they identified themselves and wore police jackets. Loraine Adams said she had no indication the men were police.

“I thought it was a home invasion. I said ‘Baby, get your gun!,” she said, sitting amid friends and relatives gathered at her home to cook and prepare for Sunday’s funeral.

Resident Fired First

Police say her husband fired first with a sawed-off shotgun and they responded. He was shot at least three times and died later at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville.

Loraine Adams said she was handcuffed and thrown to her knees in another room when the shooting began.

“I said, ‘Y’all have got the wrong person, you’ve got the wrong place. What are you looking for?“‘

“We did the best surveillance we could do, and a mistake was made,” Lebanon Police Chief Billy Weeks said. “It’s a very severe mistake, a costly mistake. It makes us look at our own policies and procedures to make sure this never occurs again.” He said, however, the two policemen were not at fault.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is investigating. NAACP officials said they are monitoring the case. Adams was black. The two policemen are white.

Family members did not consider race a factor and Weeks agreed, but said the shooting will be “a major setback” for police relations with the black community.

“We know that, we hope to do everything we can to heal it,” Weeks said.

Johnny Crudup, a local NAACP official, said the organization wanted to make sure and would investigate on its own.

Weeks said he has turned the search warrant and all other evidence over to the bureau of investigation and District Attorney General Tommy Thompson. A command officer must now review all search warrants.

38 thoughts on “Man Dies in Police Raid on Wrong House

  1. every week these idiots kill another innocent person who was minding his own business in his own home. It’s really time to get rid of police altogether, or at the very least put an end to the “no knock warrants.”

    “We know that, we hope to do everything we can to heal it,” Weeks said.
    how the hell do they intend to “heal” this woman’s dead husband? I hope she exacts her revenge by killing every stinking cop involved in this raid.

      1. What does it matter when it happened? It happened. But I think I see what your getting at. What is the motivation behind posting this story now? Is it to incite anger/outrage within us the reader? If it is meant to inform us then that’s okay, but if it is meant to incite outrage I feel that is not okay.


  2. Did they actualy figure out where the real house was? This was a deliberat shooting and I agree whith ya Jolly Roger but she should also go after the judge or DA that singed the search warrent – if they still use them anymore – and also the snitch that was responsible for this because somebody got needlessly killed/murdered by the authorities once again.

  3. …actually, if you think deeper than just the horrific outcome…and listen to all involved…based upon the society we have allowed to be constructed around us…the sad, little Chief is correct. Based upon our current attitudes towards our liberties and Constitution, we have allowed a society to sprout which abhors our rights, our freedoms and our liberties, yet we are shocked when atrocities such as gunning down this old man trying to defend his house…and the fascist desk-jockey who endorse the behavior…because of course…the old man fired first, so the two cops are not at fault…but let us not stop to question what jack-booted thugs are doing, spending precious funds and resources to “monitor” a house full of old folks…and then not be able to determine if they are “big-time” drug dealers? How obscene? Again, in a real liberty-based country…there would have been no raid in search of “drugs” ….what business is it of anyone other than myself if I want to grow/buy/smoke weed…or other type drugs (provided no harm comes to others)…but these clowns can’t stop and figure than one out..? No, let us just shoot them down…but no “one” is at fault..
    RJ O’Guillory
    Webster Groves-The Life of an Insane Family

    1. Yea RJ You are right. That old boy might have shot first but it was the LEO`s that broke into his house illeagly. If they were under surveilence then they would have known what was going on in that house so that just tells me that they knew that it was the wrong house – seeing as how they were being watched.

        1. tThe cops realy probobly thought that it was the right house – and they were going to score some grugs. I kind of wonder if them people had any prescription drugs missing after the murderous raid.

        2. The Amount of dollah on their payslip should tell the LEO’s involved right of the bat, that they are not hired for their individual thought processes concerning complex ideas and problems and how to creatively solve them.

          God forbade the survival of stupid.

          Now the Orwelliasation of a society can go but far. If you start giving dumb the jobs and responsibilities of the smart, and the smart the jobs and responsibilities of the dumb, then that is not the best survival strategy for a country.

  4. Murder someone get a paid vacation instead of prison time

    Police & Criminals are now almost synonymous terms. Except the bigger criminals get bonuses for their crimes

    Nothing will happen to any true criminals in this story. And even if the poor widow sues we end up paying the bill for their criminal incompetence. This poor slave died just protecting his life, loved ones and property from trigger happy murdering morons. I’m sure the old man opened fire on them “after” they identified themselves.

    You have to laugh when the other a**hole says “We did the best surveillance we could do”. If this fool really believes that’s the best they could do the whole department should be banned from law enforcement, I mean terrorism, for life.

  5. “The two officers, 25-year-old Kyle Shedran and 24-year-old Greg Day, were placed on administrative leave with pay.”

    Once again, a two day vacation with pay after killing someone. Must be nice.

    I can almost make a simple movie dialogue scene out of this:

    Scene Opens:

    Policeman’s wife: “Honey, I want to go on a vacation with you.”

    Policeman: “Sure honey. No problem. I just need to accidentally kill someone today and then my boss will give me two days paid holiday along with the weekend off.”

    Policeman’s wife: “Great! Don’t forget to be home by dinner!”

    Louis Armstrong’s song playing in closing:

    “And I think to myself…..What a wonderful world…..”

    Sadly this is the reality of our world today.

  6. bet these boys had combat experience, take steroids and other performance enhancers. Time to get a draft police force. Serve five years and move on. The police are the deadliest gang in Amerika

  7. These home invasions by these arrogant LEO kids in their twenties & thrill seekers on the force must end!
    No man is so dangerous that the police need to kick in doors (sometimes the wrong doors) in order to acquire him.
    Listen you numbskull police chiefs who order these raids, if you have to grab someone, PULL THEM OVER IN TRAFFIC INSTEAD!
    ANYTHING is better than this testosterone boost to your goddamned ego’s that end up killing people for naturally grabbing a gun at the sound of their doors being kicked in.

  8. No-knock warrants must go. So must police wearing military togs and masks over their faces.

    When armed thugs break into your home, if you do not get your gun and defend your wife, what kind of man are you? So how can the two police officers not be at fault? The entire operation was at fault, and the homeowner was murdered in his own home.

    This is wrong. It must stop.

    1. I guess the only difference between masked armed civilian home invaders and masked armed police home invaders is that the civilian home invaders would less apt to hurt or kill someone as they would be facing life in prison or lethal injection if they did so, whereas the police actually get a bonus when they kill.

  9. America is sinking faster than the Titanic. Time to start thinking about living in groups. Much safer if your with people you trust. Living alone is dangerous now. Seniors should ban together for safety’s’ sake.

    This house wasn’t even under surveillance. They just cowboy’d in.

  10. My bullchit meter just broke again

    Just recently in a neighboring county RB CA. police gave chase to a motorcyclist who ended up dead because he plowed right into the side of the other cop car that was first said to be an unmarked police vehicle to then a marked police vehicle. Maybe it was shoddy reporting or maybe not. And it wasn’t until later the motorcycle was said to be stolen. The whole story seemed odd. I’d hate to think the car was used to stop the 28 year old dead in his tracks.

  11. Couple of incendiary/smoke grenades, fishing line, H2SO4 concentrate and any cops violating civil rights will wish they had never been born. I see this as Americans having become too timid. Stand up to the bullies.

    If on every raid cops lost 50% of their crew, you think tactics would be reviewed? (wink & lmao)

    I know cops intimately and majority have issues with manhood/women/race. The ones doing the career for right reasons are at best 5%.

    Easy and reasonably safe smokebomb recipie:

    You need:
    1) A double boiler.
    (This is a saucepan with a second saucepan that sits inside it. You put water in the bottom pan and it heats whatever you put in the top pan gently, minimizing risk of fire.)
    2) a hot plate.
    (you need to cook this outside because of possibility of fire.)
    (potassium nitrate – unrestricted chemical avalible at some local drug stores, some health food stores, and over the internet. Used as a salt substitute and food addative, ingestion over time may cause temporary impotence!)
    5)White-tip strike-anywhere matches.
    6)small containers, such as the bottom half of soda cans.

    With the double boiler on the hotplate on low, heat 4 parts potassium nitrate to 6 parts sugar, stirring constantly, until it reaches a carmel color and consistancy. Quickly spoon the mixture into the containers, and insert a cluster of 4 or 5 matches until just the heads are exposed. the mixture will dry hard quickly.

    To use, strike a match against the exposed match heads and quickly drop or toss the grenade. Better yet, set it down and light it and get away.
    A pound of this mixture will cover the better part of a city block with thick, non-toxic, carmel-smelling white smoke.

  12. everyone gets fired from the signer of the affidavit, the cops who shot and the judge who issued the warrant. the surviving spouse gets $20 million. drugs are legalized in Tennessee.

  13. I’m not sure exactly, but if I fired my sawed off shotgun in the general vicinity of anyone at point blank range, body armor or no, they would be jacked, and their paid vacation would be at the hospital. Either this guy fired in the wrong direction, or the LEOs are a Lion.

    1. Ya know If I fired a 12 g. shotgun it would have done it`s intended job. There would be a job opening – ya know. Pull the trigger, make it count!. there would be no hosp. stay or disability for the pig. You are right, but the guy probobly was caught off guard and missed his target. you know what they say – don`t pull the trigger untill you know what your shooting at. Just like the LEO`s – they know exactly what they are shooting at !! – so that was murder on the pigs part and the PD were co-conspirators encouriging this behavior along with the snitch that started this murder.

  14. So the word of a drug informant is more trustworthy than a terrified home owner, and as for their “intelligence assessment” prior to the raid where the mistake occurred, god help us if someone really stupid gets given authority to conduct operations. What a sick sick joke, I hope the lady and family sue that department into insolvency, straight up state sanctioned murder.

  15. Just another poor victim of the insane, liberty robbing ” WAR ON DRUGS “. As for the two ” EINSTEIN’S ” in black uniforms , I dearly hope that one day the favor is returned to you in spades .

  16. So, they *MURDERED*HIM*.

    So what. His life means nothing to them or the government. Hopefully, soon, both officers will find themselves dead in their sleep. OK, probably not. Probably promoted and on the take.

    So, they wore police jackets? Really? Wow! Now I know how to do a home invasion. Identify yourself as police, wear a badge and a police jacket.

  17. Proof this story dates from 2000 – 12 years old story, people. Yes, it went up on ABC News, and who knows why…. Could be because Sheriff Billy Weeks is up for reelection? Disgusting manipulation of the public. Sure these things happen every week, I agree. I follow these news stories. But this John Adams shooting is definitely from the year 2000. I have checked the local newspaper (The Lebanon Democrat – that’s what it’s called, all right.) I also can supply this link for those of you in any doubt at all, ok? The story contains a back reference to the Adams shooting near the end.

    1. Henry, I just copied and pasted Helene’s comment in the Infowars comment section of this article. The comment is ” awaiting moderation “. In other words, Alex’s little 1st amendment censorship police will delete it. There’s some good articles on that site, but Alex Jones is a f#cking circus clown !

      1. That’s why I didn’t comment, Clark, after seeing Tim’s comment.

        Besides, you know I don’t trust anything from A.J. anymore.

      2. I don’t blame Alex……not every comment should be allowed……some people are very foul mouthed, as well as take pleasure in making personal attacks rather than stick with the subject.

  18. Those are not wrong houses!!! Those are kill squads what kills people with different opinions and have spreaded theyr message to others or know too much. They are all assasinated.
    Think! how often you make that kind of mistake that you go to wrong address and ring the bell??? Never!!! put police is doing that pretty often. those guys are murdered by purpose!
    Think! those cops have days of training of not to kill people with no guns. and now they just shoot unarmed people. God damn. no one is that stupid, not even puppet police!! and those guys dont get real justice. whys that?? Same thing was in nazi germany, people told lies what really happened.
    And now when they say that it was wrong house, we think that they are just stupid, and we dont inspect what those victims were, and what they did for living, etc. etc.. Thats psychology 101. And think if mainstream media wont talk about OWS and Ron Paul but thise incidents. whys that? they mind fock you..THINK!!!!

  19. Yes, I shared this link after seeing it on a friends FB page 3 days ago. Then someone that saw my share pointed out it’s from 2000. So Helena IS right. Not sure why it’s made to look like it happened on the 29th or close to that. It’s twelve years old. Still not right but I also don’t like being deceived by the people that are supposed to be on the same side as me.

    FIRST name on that list is John Adams,….same guy & it was 2000

  20. There need to be serious penalty for killing innocent people…..they should not be given desk duties or reassigned. But its going to take citizens action to force the government/politicians hold even the individual police officers responsible for the death of an innocent person killed by the police. It should not be acceptable or pass off as just an unfortunate accident.

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