Man Hospitalized After Father Catches Him Trying to Grab Toddler at Park


A Californian father has been hailed a hero after he came rushing to rescue his daughter from a man who allegedly tried to abduct her, dragging her away from a park.

Freddie Cantrell said his 3-year-old daughter Aubrey was playing at the park with her 6-year-old sister and mother when she was approached by a strange man.

The man then interlaced his hands with the little girl’s and then started running and skipping away. When the toddler resisted, he started to drag her. 

The girl’s mother started chasing after the suspect and called her ex-partner, who lives across the road from the park, for help.

Cantrell came rushing out and ran towards the suspect, while the child’s mother and boyfriend also ran towards the suspect, trying to stop him.

The suspect eventually released the toddler but the disturbing incident was far from over.

He said the man had taken out a pair of handcuffs and wrapped them around his fingers to use them as brass knuckles, and then took a swing at him. Cantrell said that was when he took action and punched the man back in order to knock him out.

Placer County deputies have identified the man as 26-year-old Yonel Hernandez-Velasco. He was taken into custody for attempted kidnapping and assault with a deadly weapon, reported CBS. He remains in custody and his bail is set at $1.2 million.

Cantrell has been praised for his heroic act, but he said it was only a fatherly instinct.

“They’re saying ‘Oh you’re a hero for saving that little girl,’ Well, that little girl is my daughter, and I’m just doing the fatherly thing,” he told the news station.

7 thoughts on “Man Hospitalized After Father Catches Him Trying to Grab Toddler at Park

  1. Governor Brown will reduce the bail from $1.2M down to $2 and pay it, pardon the scumbag Hernandez and give HIM a medal. Nothing wrong with kidnapping children in CA…land of freaks and depravity. As much as I hate an open border with Mexico, I still say they’re building a wall in the wrong place.

  2. “….26-year-old Yonel Hernandez-Velasco….”

    No word on how many times he’s already been deported.

    Watch your kids, because they’re worth about $100,000 on the black market.

    1. I heard the eastern cartel, along the Texas border, makes more money from sneaking illegals in and taking children out for the slave trade than they do from all drug smuggling. That is one big pile of mammon.

  3. To bad daddy wasn’t packing, could of saved the foot race and solved a recurring illegal alien problem (I’m pretty sure vato is a wetback).

  4. Surprised the cops didn’t arrest the father for undue violence or some other BS charge. Suppose they may yet.

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