Man rides motorcycle with cow as passenger in Pakistan

Newshub – by Vita Molyneux

A hilarious video of a man with an unusual passenger has surfaced online.

The video, thought to be shot in rural Pakistan, shows the man speeding along the road with what looks like a bundle of blankets. 

As a person filming from pulls up alongside the motorbike, the bundle of blankets turns out to be a well wrapped up cow – and not a small one either. 

The large animal appears perfectly calm as its driver laughs.

Social media users have commented saying this was not a one off occurrence in Pakistan.

“Welcome to Pakistan! Bring your cows, pigs, donkeys and monkeys with you for an amazing bike ride!” wrote one person.

“Only in Pakistan!” wrote another

2 thoughts on “Man rides motorcycle with cow as passenger in Pakistan

  1. Can’t get videos through this search engine for some reason (can’t do direct replies, either… tried on my last comment).

    Was the cow wearing a turban?

  2. I’ve been to a few countries other than the USA
    I’ve seen some crazy shit
    I’ve also seen some pretty crazy , dumb and funny shit right here too

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