Maricopa County ‘Will Not Be Responding to Any More Requests’ Regarding Audit, Openly Invites Legal Action

National File – by Jack Hadfield

The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors has announced that they will not be responding to any more requests regarding the forensic audit taking place, and has invited legal action to be taken against them.

The Board of Supervisors of Maricopa County held a special meeting on Thursday, where the Board, comprised of four Republicans and a lone Democrat, and slammed the current forensic audit of the 2020 election that was ordered by the Arizona Senate that is currently taking place in the state. As National File reported, Maricopa County has been accused of “spoliation” of evidence by the official Arizona Audit Twitter account, controlled by former Secretary of State Ken Bennett, to which the Board today responded with revulsion.

Supervisor Clint Hickman demanded that those conducting the audit send any evidence they find directly to them. “If you find something, anything, that was against the law, or was against our statutory authority, I believe we will be ready to answer that in a court,” Hickman said. “Especially when you are throwing around terms like spolation of evidence. We’ll see it in court, please bring it at that point, we’ll be happy to look into it because that’s what all this is about.”

Chairman Jack Sellers agreed with Hickman regarding the threat of legal action, and praised the entirety of the County for doing “an outstanding job,” and claiming that they were “united as one Maricopa County” against the forensic audit. “As chairman of this board, I just want to make it clear, I will not be responding to any more requests from this sham process,” Sellers continued, closing out the meeting, which was broadcast on their YouTube with comments and dislikes turned off. “Finish what you’re calling an audit and be ready to defend your report in a court of law. We all look forward to it. We are adjourned.”

National File reported last week that the forensic audit has uncovered “significant discrepancies” in the number of ballots versus the supposed number of ballots that were supposed to exist:

Arizona Senate President recently sent a letter to the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, outlining the major issues discovered already in the audit, and offering to settle them without additional subpoenas or compulsory action. In the letter, says Epshteyn on Steve Bannon’s podcast, it reveals, “Pallet five, batch 2976, 200 pink slip total, actual total 165. They are missing 35 ballots out of that batch.” He added, “35 out of 100 is 17.5%. 10 out of 200 is 5%.”

“Do you know how shocking that is? 17.5% discrepancy in a batch is beyond belief.” He added, “In one they’ve got 18 more than there’s supposed to be, which is a 9% discrepancy. Again, if we are to have any confidence in elections in this country, how can we possibly be okay with discrepancies of double digit percentages? It’s absolutely mind boggling, anything above a tiny fraction of a percentage is unacceptable, by the way, unacceptable according to the Federal Elections Commission.”

National File

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