Martial Law Declared In New England

nemoExaminer – by Jeffrey Phelps

As of 5:00 PM EST Friday, authorities in multiple Northeastern US states have implemented martial law, due to “the weather.”

Facing up to one year in jail and a $1000 fine for merely driving their own cars on public streets and highways, citizens in various areas within the New England region have been hit with executive orders, threatening residents with criminal penalties if they leave their homes and attempt to drive during the current snowstorm.

Using the color of law to impose demands on the public that can only be seen as a massive overreach of power, individuals inConnecticutRhode Island and Massachusettsthus far have been issued bans on driving in those areas.

R.I. Gov. Lincoln Chafee, for instance, has ordered vehicles off of Routes I-95, I-195, RI-146, RI-24 and I-295, beginning at 5 p.m., according to the R.I. Emergency Management Agency.

The only exceptions, according to R.I.’s WPRI, are the news media, public safety vehicles and public works vehicles and workers that includes contract personnel, government officials on official business, utility company vehicles and workers, health care workers who travel to and from work in order to provide essential health services, travel necessary to maintain and deliver critical private sector services such as energy, fuel supplies, financial systems and critical commodities and travel to support business operations that provide critical services to the public, including gas stations, food stores and hardware stores.

Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick also signed an executive order banning all non-essential motor vehicle travel statewide beyond 4 p.m., believed to be the first such travel ban since the blizzard of 1978, according to the Associated Press.

Connecticut’s Gov. Dannel P. Malloy imposed a travel ban of his own Friday on the state’s limited access highways and deployed National Guard troops around the state for rescues or other emergencies.

Thus far, authorities in other areas in the region, such as New York, have not stated if they will be following suit. It is also unclear as to how long the executive orders stand or if it is even legal to impose such demands on the public’s right to travel freely, regardless of the conditions.

Many residents in the area have openly expressed being surprised by the “overreaction,” seeing the executive orders as completely unnecessary, considering New England and surrounding areas are used to seeing snow storms of similar magnitudes almost every season.

7 thoughts on “Martial Law Declared In New England

  1. Another false alarm (FLAG). What a crock. Where did all these politicians come from, the deep South? I have seen worse snows when I was growing up in Massachusetts and that’s when the family would head for the ski slopes by car. Oh, wait a minute, I forgot. Big Brother knows what is best. Bovine excrement at its best. Control control control – it’s for your own good. You can trust us.

  2. I live in Stamford, and by the time I looked out my window this morning, snow had already stopped. I measured the snow in a few different places with a $4.99 tape measure. Anywhere from 12 inches to 14 inches. And everyone that I know in this area who has those IdiotPhones keeps getting these annoying nuclear siren type alarms accompanied with messages warning them of a total travel ban, not to go out unless you’re a govt official. 14 inches! And the funny thing is that many natives ’round here by the Party Line. They agree that it’s too dangerous out there. 14 inches? Oh no! Stay home.! Too scary! Pretty soon they’ll have us stay home after only a one inch rain. Only time you can go out is for work. Oh, and maybe Sundays too so the priests can get at your boys with their dirty little d#@ks. Seriously, this is a form of conditioning. Pretty soon they’ll pick the days when we can go out. And all the Americans are buying it. They’re actually agreeing to be scared by 14 inches of snow.

  3. It’s conditioning. If they can get the eaters to accept this over weather, next week it’ll be lunar eclipses. The goal is weak and compliant slaves. They want you to believe you need their permission to live.

  4. Since no one is allowed to drive (except for important people), do the police plan to deliver groceries door to door, or should folks walk to the supermarket and risk getting flattened by a city snow plow?

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