Martial Law In LA, 2 Cops Ambushed, 25 Block Radius ‘Shelter In Place’

whie-sedan-picBefore It’s News – by Mort Amsel

2 LA police officers were ambushed in their car outside the mid city police station and wounded but both will beok.  A ‘shelter in place’ is in place for a 25 black radius. 25-block perimeter from Pico Boulevard to Washington Boulevard and from Redondo Boulevard to Rimpau Boulevard.  

About 200 officers, uniformed and plain clothes, were searching the area with help from four K-9 teams armed with assualt rifles and armored vehicles.  -Mort


28 thoughts on “Martial Law In LA, 2 Cops Ambushed, 25 Block Radius ‘Shelter In Place’

  1. Here we go again with this Shelter in place Bull shit by the cops.Marshal law is marshal law and calling it shelter in place is BS.They are simply training the citizens for what they all know is coming.Want to know why so many hate the cops now,its because they too have thrown the Constitution out the door because some pig higher up tells them to do something. They too took an oath to defend and to uphold that very same Constitution but as you can plainly see they are not doing that at all.Will there be shelter in place when those bastard shoot the wrong person during one of their raids on the wrong house?

  2. I’m sorry to hear the the pigs will survive, but I have to wonder if they weren’t shot only to justify another “shelter in place” event.

    It will take a lot of these things before the TV-viewing public is properly trained in how to behave when it comes to their neighborhood.

    Eventually they’ll use the “shelter in place” routine to round up dissidents, and since everyone in the neighborhood is essentially packed into their homes incommunicado, they’ll all think the neighbor being seized is the criminal responsible for the “shelter in place” order.

  3. i clicked on “2 LA police officers were ambushed” which led to me to a mainstream news site with mainstream comments. it was painfully obvious. can’t tell me they don’t have cameras all over that place. the guy must have been one bad shot or dorners ghost.

  4. “Shelter in place” is their new term for “lockdown” now? Oh brother.

    So because 2 measely cops got ambushed, the whole city has to suffer for it? Yet, when 4 or 5 citizens get ambushed, “Oh it’s nothing. Let’s go grab a donut.”

    Wake up, sheeple!

  5. Look at all of those assault rifles being held by those wonderful (sarcasm) law abiding police officers, yet we the people can’t have them.

    Also, isn’t it amazing that these two cops who were ambushed with glass and bullet fragments to the back of the head are up and back at the police station looking for the guy? I’m sorry, but if you believe that, then you’ll believe that everything is a flesh wound straight out of the movie, “Last Action Hero”.

    If you or I were hit by shrapnel or a guns shot wound, we’d be in the hospital in pain for at least a couple of days, yet these guys are supercops. Yea, tell me another one. Another false flag story taken straight out of a Hollywood plot. It’s getting ridiculous.

    1. Yes NC, that is exactly what I say too. I think this is all just another cheap sharade. Yep I think that they are playing the people as a bunch of suckers that believe this BS.

  6. That’s sad. Sad that the cops didn’t get their goddamn heads splattered all over the place.

    Better luck next time.

  7. Waiting for the order to ‘shelter in place’ for the entire county when the citizens decide to wipe out the LAPD…

  8. Only two possibilities that I can see here. # 1. Whoever did the shooting was WAYYYYYY too high to even see their nose in front of their face OR # 2. The cops were INTENTIONALLY missed, or not even in that car when it was shot up.

    I’m going with door # 2, since it would be damn hard to miss two guys sitting in a totally stationary car, without injuring at least ONE of them seriously, if not fatally.

      1. Hey Rt, how goes it?

        I took last week off, and spent it up at my brother’s place. The last 3 or 4 times I was there I had phone/internet reception, but this time only phone, no internet, so I wasn’t posting as much as usual.

        I don’t know the reasoning behind it, but this one stinks of false flag. Far more likely than not, I’m thinkin’.

        1. Hey #1, pretty good, pretty busy playin’ “Catch-up” hehe!
          Glad your vacation went pretty good except for kitty-Angels mishap….Hope all went well w/the vet!
          Glad ya got to get away for a bit 🙂

          Yep, it stinks for sure! Did you hear anymore about it today?

          1. Angel is fine, RT. I didn’t even need to take her to the vet, since her tooth broke off on it’s own. No infection either, thankfully.

            I really needed that week off. Turned out I picked the best possible time to take it, too. They had TWO containers, and a TON of work! I couldn’t have planned it any better if I had tried to.

            I love it up at my brother’s place. He lives up in the hills, away from all the traffic noise, with never a cop in sight, and NO sirens. I can go outside at night and hear nothing but the sound of crickets. Very peaceful. I’d even like to live there, if it weren’t for the blazing heat in the summertime. 90 + most of the time, with 100 + not at all unusual. I live about 4 miles or so from the beach, so we don’t usually get that kind of blistering heat, because of the onshore breeze.

            Haven’t seen a follow-up to this story so far. A friend of mine here told me last night that a cop was shot and actually killed, and another one wounded (in the same shooting, I think) but I haven’t seen anything on that yet either. Sure hope to, though. Too many failed attempts can get depressing at times. People really need to learn how to shoot straight around here. 🙁

          2. #1 @ 7:43I would really sugest that you get to your brothers place where you do not hear all of that traffic, sirens, and other crap. Your getting old and ya need that. I can say by personal experience right now, ” there is nothing quite like living a quite/ private – if that is what I can even cal it – where it is quiet.” You know what I`m talking about #1. I don`t have to be preachin` to you buddy. 🙂 🙂 I just wish ya could get out of that damned city.

          3. Glad to hear Angel is good! ~0~

            Hehehe! Good for you! love it when things work out! And glad you got to really enjoy your time off! Your brothers place sounds beautiful! Funny isn’t it, being in such a populated area and all the stuff going on, you can actually find a place so close, yet far away, nice! Glad you had a relaxing time 🙂
            I can’t say anything bad regarding the heat. My last trip to Mi. 45 during the day brrrrrr. I’ll take 90-100 any day & I like to think humidity is good for your skin hehe!
            Seabreeze is nice for sure, smells so good!

            Pretty busy today, took coffee and smoke breaks (And sneek peaks at everything coming in from The Trenches..can’t resist! and a bit from other news) just got done with dinner abt an hr ago, pretty darn good even tho re-heated.

            Hmmmm, well guess the leo’s can’t blame the shootings on gangs they usually hit their targets…….Well do update if there is a reason behind their lockdown/search/?

            Well hope ya have an awesome Friday!

            Oh P.S. frick got a summons for jury duty today, frick!

          4. I’m heading back up there tomorrow after work. Unfortunately, we’ve just stated on a heat wave here, and it’s even pretty hot where I am, so it’ll be brutally hot up there. Oh well, I’ll just stay indoors for the worst of it.

            Actually, the bangers in L.A. are notorious for hitting pretty much everything BUT their intended targets. Kind of like NYPD. In fact, they’d fit right in there. lol

            Sorry to hear about the jury duty. That really sucks, seeing as how the ‘justice’ system is anything but. Total waste of time.

          5. p.s. My friend showed me (on his iphone) the article about one of the cops that got shot yesterday. He was shot in the face, and is in critical condition. They killed the perpetrator. It’s being kept fairly quiet for some reason. I haven’t been able to find it on the alternate news sites so far. Very strange indeed.

    1. Yep, I go with door #2 too. It is like it was rehearsed. Cop on cop to create a reason to search the area.

      1. Hey Digger,
        Vid didn’t play, locked up? Nothin’… resend 🙂
        Hope you are doing ok, my thoughts are with you & keeping you guys in my prayers,

    2. Oh yes, cops shot at and survive with minor injuries. Yes people, be very afraid, lock your doors, keep your kids home, draw the shades and “hunker down”. When your turn comes, they’ll be knocking on the door. If even one was killed, “shelter in place” would be city wide and cars matching anything close to the so-call “perps” car would be riddled with bullets first and checked into after.

      1. Oh yea Millard, isn`t that the “officer of the law code” ya know, Shoot first ask questions later.

      2. I actually saw a photo of the (alleged) perp, somewhere earlier tonight. I think it was on a friend of mine’s iphone.

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