Michael Hastings Death / Murder and Hatzolah

Published on Jun 21, 2013 by The Paulstal Service

What was a volunteer Jewish EMS team Hatzolah doing on the scene of the Michael Hastings crash so quickly? How is it possible that in such a short period of time (likely less than 3 minutes, maybe less) they were fully dressed, in their vehicles, and on the scene?

Why is it that so quickly the FBI has decided there was no fowl play involved so soon-

Are we really to believe that on-call LAPD is really that slow to show up to a traffic accident?- and that a volunteer force could assemble so quickly?

Why are there no skid-marks before crashing into the palm-tree

Why did a Mercedes- know for safety and able to avoid exploding on the Autobahn in traffic accidents get so greatly damaged, and explode “like a bomb”?

It would be interesting to find out exactly HOW quickly Hatzolah was actually on the scene of the crash of this investigative journalist- and when calls to L.A. police were made.

Be sure to check out the 0:40 second time frame, which shows the engine and transmission that had been ejected from Hasting’s car.  It appears to have flown at least 150 feet and more and it looks like it landed perpendicular to the accident.

The only way that could happen, IMO, would be if there was a bomb in Hasting’s car that exploded back at the point where the 500+ pound engine and transmission is lying, blowing it out of the car at that point.

Add in that there were no skid marks, and this whole affair smells worse than Gefilte fish.

10 thoughts on “Michael Hastings Death / Murder and Hatzolah

  1. P.S. Remember this story from a few years back?

    Mossad To Begin Targeted Murders On American Soil

    Israel is embarking upon a more aggressive approach to the war on terror that will include staging targeted killings in the United States and other friendly countries, former Israeli intelligence officials told United Press International.


  2. this area is almost completely jewish. I live and work in this area, and Highland Ave. is an area dominated by Hasidic Jews, so its not that strange.

  3. Maybe those first responders have those poles you slide down and they instantly dress you just like in the original Batman TV series! *laughs*

  4. Michael Hastings was murdered by order of the biggest thug in Washington D.C., aka Barak Hussein Obama, aka Barry Sotero, aka the Weed cultivated in Chicago, the gangster capital of the U.S. Barak Husseins posse is the Justice Dept. who control the F.B.I. As far as terrorists go, Barak Hussein shares the stage with Osama bin Laden.

    1. Wow. A carbon copy of your comment on a previous article.

      Here’s my carbon copy reply:

      Osama bin Had was a CIA asset. He had absolutely NOTHING to do with 9/11. And please don’t tell us you believe he was just killed in 2011. A total fabrication.

      Bin Had was saintly compared to that POS communist traitor Obummer.

  5. Based on Mr. Hastings grilling ex-secretary Clinton over the Benghazi affair, it appears that advance elements of the presidential campaign may be at work.

  6. That kike with the hose reminds me of a script out of Hogan’s Heroes;
    pretending to be busy while the real work was going on elsewhere.
    The usual devious nature.

  7. Rule number one with this Obama regime….Never, Never announce you are going to reveal something ahead of time. Instead,,,simply reveal it.

    The Obama regime tracked/monitored all of his coorespondence and they knew what he was about to release…..and they murdered him before he could expose it. People….WAKE UP!!!!

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