Massive Explosion Rocks Cameron, Texas After Train Collides With 18-Wheeler

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Bloomberg reports a train carrying coal collided with an 18-wheeler in Cameron, Texas, Tuesday morning.

Local television station KVUE said the incident occurred around 7 a.m. local time.

The Milam County Sheriff’s Office said there was no timing when the fire would be under control.

Milam County Precinct 2 Commissioner Donald Shuffield said homes in the surrounding area were evacuated. So far, no injuries have been reported.

A massive fireball erupts after the train smashed into an 18-wheeler.

Video of the fire has emerged.

Watch Live: Train collides with 18-wheeler in Milam County, Texas

See pics here:

5 thoughts on “Massive Explosion Rocks Cameron, Texas After Train Collides With 18-Wheeler

  1. Milam County is fairly close to Austin, just to the northwest. Interesting. My question is why would an 18-wheeler cross rail road tracks when a train is coming? Why didn’t the blockers (or whatever the mechanism that comes down to block traffic across tracks is called) come down to block the 18-wheeler? Definitely suspicious…. or did the power outages across the state prevent the blockers from coming down… or was it on purpose they didn’t. I wonder how the “world-renowned” Texas Rail Road Commission will explain this one.

    1. Truck driver died of the convids right before he hit the train. That’s what I’m guessing they will say what happened.

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