McCain Joins with Israeli Caucus to Push for World War III

John McCain, in coalition with the Israeli 5th column inside our government, is all but lying down, kicking and screaming like a spoiled child, demanding that the United States start bombing Syria.

US Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta, has come before our Congress and made it clear that he does not need Congressional approval to take our country to war, as our foreign affairs are now being dictated by the United Nations. Panetta should have been arrested on the spot on charges of high treason.  But of course he was not as the treachery being displayed in our highest seats of government could not exist without a majority of complicity.

And so it would seem that our Congress has acquiesced to the stipulation that our Secretary of Defense has total dictatorial powers over our military through UN authority.

It has become an accepted fact that President Obama has asked the Israeli leadership to hold off on attacking Iran until after our national election.  What should this be telling us?  Obama knows that we the people do not want to invade Iran and risk a third world war to perpetuate the Zionist conquest of the Middle East and Northern Africa.  Obama knows that another war might just lose him the election.

So what does he do?  He asks the Israelis to wait until after the election and then Israel can feel free to attack and Obama can send our troops into the meat grinder whether we like it or not.

CNN’s Fareed Zakaria put forth one of the most honest analogies to date in reference to the real threat Iran may or may not represent to the rest of the world.  He pointed out that Pakistan and India, having acquired nuclear weapons, have been forced to abstain from war for their longest period in their history because of the nuclear deterrent.  He also pointed out that South Korea and Japan have not engaged in an arms race with North Korea as a result of North Korea’s acquisition of a nuclear weapon.

If our interest in stopping Iran from getting a nuclear weapon is to prevent an arms race in the Middle East, why have we allowed Israel to acquire over 300 warheads?

This Middle East sham is exactly that.  Israel cries victim as Palestinians fire rockets at them out of Gaza.  This is of course in response to Israeli aggression in bombing Gaza and killing its people.  There hasn’t been any footage coming out of Gaza showing the effects of the attacks because the Israelis are no doubt still using internationally banned cluster bombs that are killing and maiming innocent women and children in the most horrific manner.

I, as an American, would like to disassociate myself with any and every action the Israelis are taking in the Middle East.  I do not support their invasion of Palestine.  I do not support the genocide they have and are committing on the people of Palestine.  I do not support their twisted Zionist philosophy that says all other human life other than the Zionists is animalistic and not of consequence.

It is indeed the Israeli influence in our government that is working to diminish our rights as human beings at the same time the rights of dogs and cats are being established, as the Zionist Israelis want to put the American citizen beneath a dog or cat.  You see our Bill of Rights is an offense to the Zionists as it actually asserts that all nationals of the United States are equal and this is an affront to the Zionist theology.  When an American asserts his or her rights, the Zionists want to be able to say that you have no more rights than a dog or a cat.

What the Israelis had better start realizing is that the State of Israel and their twisted Zionist theology exists only through our tolerance and it is coming to the point that both are becoming intolerable, not just to the people of the United States, but indeed around the world.  This is why Israel feels it needs 300 nuclear warheads.  This is why they have lost all credibility.  This is why the average citizen of the United States is saying, we need to disassociate ourselves with Israel and their animalistic Zionist agenda.

If Obama is reelected we will be going to war with Iran whether it is the will of we the people or not.  And unless we take back our election process, Obama is going to be reelected because we are going to be offered no choice.  And make no mistake; the Israelis are saying they want to attack before the election because they do not know if they will have support thereafter, because they do know if Ron Paul is elected America will not be involved in any more Israeli wars of aggression.

Santorum, Romney, and Gingrich, if elected, would follow all orders coming out of Bilderberg through Tel Aviv without question.

The only way to stop a war with Iran and a possible third world war is to elect Dr. Paul.  I wonder what the election results would be if this one simple truth were put forth on the network evening news.

God prey that the politically ignorant become informed before it is too late.

0 thoughts on “McCain Joins with Israeli Caucus to Push for World War III

  1. World War III: Is Israel will be the starter of World War III

    Read the book of the “An Atomic Iran” to understand the conflict or hatred between Israel and Iran. The questions are who will go ahead to start this war? Threat and counter threat has been going on since the establishment of the Islamic Republic of Iran by Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Ruhollah Musavi Khomeini. IRI is run by Iranian Sayyed with Arab origin. They are claiming to be descendent of Prophet Muhammad. They are considering themselves to an enemy of Jews and Israel. The Sayyed families want to be ruler of Islamic world especially Shi’asim Sayyed families. They are in control of Shi’a in Lebanon, Iraq and Iran now.

    Israeli response to Iranian threat is countered by Iran response to Israeli threat or vice versa almost daily.

  2. I can only imagine the damage he would have done by now had he been elected President. Ron Paul should have been elected in 2008, we could have been prosperous as a nation once again by now.

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