12 thoughts on “Meet Cecilia, the world’s first interactive robotic bartender

  1. They are attempting to do away with the pure human beings, the ones who have not succumbed to wrong-think. I hate all the robots, but more than the robots I hate those who gleefully interact with them. Are they so happy because they anticipate their own destiny of becoming a full-blown robot?!! Maybe as they ATTEMPT to normalize trans-humanism, Artificial Intelligence will come to stand for ALTERED Intelligence, or Abnormal Idiot, or ALWAYS IGNORANT.


      1. Dad told me once about a woman who he called a stupid bitch (he said ” it just flew out of my mouth”) for mixing up a layered drink which he made for her using the back of a spoon.
        He was a bartender before my time 🙂

  2. If I walked into a bar and this was my server..I’d be walking back out

    no support..we can stop this shit ..stop playing along

    there’s nothing cool or modern about this

    1. Shit, you never know, maybe a fella could walk in, zap it with a taser, get drunk, puke on it, and leave with no bar bill.
      Something that needs looking into I think.

      1. Brilliant as always! After I laughed, I pitied the fool who had the job of cleaning it up.

        Then, I laughed again.

  3. I apologize for some foul language and crude references. I try to avoid it. Sometimes it’s necessary.
    So. Going home for a wild evening with a cute bartender is totally out of the picture. Even if your odds were less than a 1 in 10,00 chance? Based on my personal experience. Isn’t the future great?
    My prediction. They’ll keep lowering the testosterone until it’s zero. Push anal sex as the best if there’s any at all. Promote gender fluidity. That sounds gross. Depending on who’s who. And who gets the fluid where and from what gender? Fluidity is the future. Dontcha know?
    Seriously, the ultimate supreme goal of these sick f**ks is gradually legalizing pedophilia. It seems obvious to me. Probably to many of you, too.
    The next NWO video commercial ad will state as an agenda 2030 goal.
    “You will not want to f**k anymore. And you’ll be happy.”
    Isn’t the future great?

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