Meet the spooks, mercs and chickenhawk politicos enlisting as NAFO trolls

The Grayzone – by Alexander Rubinstein

While fundraising for a notoriously brutal militia in Ukraine and trolling critics of the proxy war, the membership roll of “North Atlantic Fellas Organization” has filled up with NATO suits, congressional chickenhawks, neocon operatives, mercenaries and intel agents.

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When he is not shedding performative tears over the fate of US democracy or publicly guffawing over the apparent assassination of Iranian military officials, Representative Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) has sought to define himself as a leading opponent of perceived antisemitism in Washington DC. When his colleague, Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, mildly criticized of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) in 2019, Kinzinger called on congressional leaders to strip her of top committee assignments.

“Anti-Semitism has no place in this Congress or this country,” Kinzinger thundered in March 2019, falsely conflating criticism of AIPAC, an Israel lobbying group, with anti-Jewish sentiment. “We must hold ourselves to a higher standard in office.”

Yet Kinzinger, who has emerged as a zealous backer of NATO’s proxy war with Russia in Ukraine, has apparently failed to apply the same standards to his own political allies.

Since Russia launched its special military operation in Ukraine this February, Kinzinger has agitated for increased US support for the Kiev-aligned military despite widespread documentation of open neo-Nazis permeating its ranks. More revealing was Kinzinger’s public endorsement of an online harassment campaign led by “NAFO,” a pro-NATO digital troll farm co-founded by a secretive Twitter account with noted antisemitic views.

Founded in early 2022, “NAFO,” or the “North Atlantic Fellas Organization,” is an online alliance of social media accounts aimed at fortifying the digital frontline of NATO’s proxy war in Ukraine. The group has made its mark on Twitter, where NAFO members, known as “fellas,” bombard critics of the Ukrainian military with insults and memes of cartoon dogs.

NAFO’s harassment campaigns have become so omnipresent that virtually every prominent Western media outlet, including Deutsche WelleThe Washington Post, the New York Times, the Wall Street JournalPoliticoThe EconomistVICE News, has granted the operation wildly favorable coverage. The troll farm has also drawn admiration from anti-Russia hardliners in Washington DC, including from its most enthusiastic inside-the-Beltway member: Rep. Kinzinger, who publicly identifies as a “fella” in his Twitter handle while participating in coordinated dog-piles.

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One thought on “Meet the spooks, mercs and chickenhawk politicos enlisting as NAFO trolls

  1. NAFO,” or the “North Atlantic Fellas Organization?

    Really? That’s the best they could come with?

    They really need better scriptwriters. These must be the same scriptwriters who write for Kamala Harris when she gives one of her “outstanding” public speeches that sound like something a 4th grader wrote.


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