Merry Christmas From the Trenches – Stay Vigilant

It is the day before Christmas and we here at From the Trenches will be keeping a vigilant watch through the weekend.  There will be no new articles put up until Monday unless something significant happens.  We are watching Iran and we are watching the National Defense Authorization Act, HR 1540, which Obama still has not signed, though he has signed every other bill that has been awaiting his endorsement.

Obama is educated in the law.  Obama, though a foreigner, took an oath to protect and defend our Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic.  If Obama signs HR 1540, he will have violated his oath with malice and forethought.  He also will have violated Title 42 (1984).  Obama has knowledge of the law and he knows HR 1540 is specifically designed to nullify superior constitutional law, (our Bill of Rights).  It is his duty to stop and correct this wrong which he knows to be a wrong.

He will have also committed high treason in signing his name to an action that can only be described as a legislative soviet socialist coup.  And of course signing HR 1540 will represent a further act of constructive treason against the Republic, the People, and the Constitution because he is supporting a form of government not contained in our Constitution.

Will Barry sign?  I believe he will.  The propagandists have put their best foot forward and Ron Paul has run over them like a semi over a Volkswagen.  I would like to have a dollar for every time in the last week I have heard someone say, “If they hurt Dr. Paul, the war is on.”  Our enemies are desperate and so we had better be ready for anything.

Obama is presently in Hawaii on a $7 million vacation being paid for by a people that count 28 million unemployed and 46 million living in deep poverty among their numbers.  The fact that we the people are showing our determination to end the theft and punish the criminals has them panicked.  And on the other hand, I think they know that we are deadly serious in our assertions that if they try to stop the peaceful Ron Paul revolution, they are going to get to know the meaning of liberty teeth.

Everyone have the best Christmas you can but stay ready.  I have heard talk suggesting that maybe the reason Obama brought the troops home from Iraq is to use them to man the FEMA camps.

I do not believe our military will act against our Constitution, but the fact is these soldiers are going to be unemployed and some of them might be desperate enough to go along.  If any of our military shows a tendency to go in this direction, the rest of our military must shut them down.

If they call this new force hired to run FEMA camps, the “American Militia”, it will not be, however it will mark the beginning of the attempt at military coup.  It is kind of like when they called the unpatriotic injunction on our 4th Amendment right a “Patriot Act.”  Who could possibly be against the act of a “Patriot”?

If anyone in the military becomes a part of a group that thinks they are going to run FEMA camps, while calling themselves “American Militia”, they are making a big mistake as the organized Minute Man militias across this country will engage any force trying to round up American citizens and put them under indefinite detention in any facility, anywhere.

Anyway, food for thought.  We must stay vigilant and we must stay on point.

Merry Christmas and Ron Paul for President.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. Merry Christmas! Here’s one present!

    GOP: Gingrich, Perry will not be on Va. ballot

    December 24, 2011 — WASHINGTON (AP) — Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich has failed to qualify for Virginia’s March 6 Republican primary, according to an announcement on a state Republican website. That development would add to the challenges faced by the recent frontrunner in the GOP presidential race.

    “After verification, RPV has determined that Newt Gingrich did not submit required 10k signatures and has not qualified for the VA primary,” the Republican Party of Virginia announced early Saturday on its Twitter website.

    Perry also fell short of the 10,000 signatures of registered voters required for a candidate’s name to be on the primary ballot, but former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and Texas Rep. Ron Paul will be on the ballot.

    State GOP spokesman Garren Shipley said volunteers spent Friday validating petitions that the four candidates submitted by the Thursday 5 p.m. deadline to the State Board of Elections. Shipley was not available early Saturday to discuss the announcement posted on the website.

    Failing to get on the ballot would be a major setback for Gingrich, who has tried to use his recent upsurge in popularity to make up for a late organizing start. Shipley said the party was validating petitions the candidates submitted by the Thursday 5 p.m. deadline to the state elections board. It began validating signatures Friday morning.

    The 10,000 registered voters must also include 400 signatures from each of Virginia’s 11 congressional districts. It was unclear if Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann, former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum or former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman submitted petitions to the state board.

    Meanwhile, Virginia’s Democrats said President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign gathered enough signatures to get him on the state’s primary ballot though he was the only candidate who qualified.

    1. Ron Paul is drop kicking the competition. The man is going to win this damn thing and bring America back to her rightful position. The corruption is going to be stopped dead in it’s tracks. The people have spoken all over the country. Ron Paul is going to put into motion some things that this country has lacked for over 50 years, honesty. We are witnessing something mind boggling here people. The elitists and corrupt wealthy are starting to soil their tidy whities.

      The B.S is going to stop. Bill O’Reilly and his girlfriend Sean Hannity can both kiss my ass.

  2. Indeed ,my friends.It is a season of love and hope.Merry Christmas to all,and not to play favorites ,but we do since we’re human so a special wish to you,Brian,who has more than any other understood a point of view which isn’t always immediately popular.That being said happy holidays to all ,specifically Henry,Mark and Angel.

    1. Thank you, Carl.

      In response I take opportunity to post a special Christmas prayer…composed by…uh…yeah…sorry…that would be…me.

      “May God watch over the good (those who see things my way) and enlighten the bad (those who do not see things my way)

      In this way shall there be peace on earth and prosperity for me and those who deserve to live as well as hope to redeem themselves for those who, presently, do not.”

      (How’s THAT for an example of exaggerated ego?…Just kidding…well sort of….)

      Merry Christmas everyone in our little community here…which exists thanks to Henry…and, therefore, a special wish to you and yours, Henry.

      And may the coming year not find us all on trains to unspeakable destinations.

      And may Clark get the hell out of that place ASAP! …hang in there buddy! Wish I could help you. Can’t imagine that place. Don’t think I’ll be able to deal with it if it gets there for me. If I could I’d have you on a plane to my place…if it were mine…(and if I had the funds.) Just a thought and a wish to you…that’s all I have.

      May God bless and keep us from the rampaging evil afoot.

      And here’s a little offering from me….I post this knowing that it is not only copyrighted in my name…it is also commercially worthless…just thought y’all might get a chuckle out of it…hope you enjoy it on some level. Yeah…it’s country…and so am I. And that “country” is called the USA!


      They’ll tell ya you’re worthless
      And throw you out with the trash
      Like Yesterday’s Garbage
      Flat on your ass

      Well, pardon me to still be
      Hangin’ around
      So long, have a good time
      On your merry go ‘round

      When I was a boy
      Man, the music was cool.
      Fell in love with the guitar
      And I sure hated school

      So I got me a good one
      And I learned how to play
      Put 2 bucks with that
      I get a coffee today


      Ya wonder why good people
      Give up and die
      Seems to me there just might be
      Two main reasons why

      They’re either sittin’ in a corn field
      And starvin’ to death
      Or there’s a rope around their neck
      And they can’t get a breath

      Guitar solo

      So when I die light me up, boys
      And don’t waste a dime
      Shed no tears for me
      That’d just be a crime

      And scatter my ashes
      Where the mountain winds blow
      And tell ‘em all in plain language
      Just where they can go


      In the meantime don’t tell me
      What ya think I don’t know
      ‘Cuz I’ve been where you’re goin’
      So just get up and go

      Don’t ya’ tell me I’m worthless
      And throw me out with the trash
      ‘Cuz I ain’t Yesterday’s Garbage
      I’m yesterday’s class


      Yeah and Yesterday’s Garbage
      Can still kick your ass

      1. Yee-haaa and hell yeah! WE are born here Americans! All others are welcome …ACCORDING TO THE RULES by which WE, THE PEOPLE respectfully abide!

        1. Thanks Brian!

          You just made my stay at this truck stop in Northern California not only bearable but almost Christmas like.

          God Bless our Republic and Merry Christmas!!

          1. Mark, that comment back from you sure put the rum in MY egg nog! (Figuratively speaking of course, I actually hate the stuff!)

            Back atchya buddy!

            And THAT’S the stuff that keeps the wheels turnin’!

            Roll on brother.You’re the drive shaft.

          2. Great lyrics, Brian! We’d love to hear the tune!

            Thank you, carl. To you and your’s, as well.

            Every One of You here in the Trenches are in my thoughts and prayers. Like Brian said, if I had the means my door would be open.

            Mark, be safe out there. Watch that black ice, the low bridges, and all those idiot drivers. 🙂

            Clark & brian sgt., hang on. We WILL make 2011 a Better Year! I can’t tell you how much I admire your strength and courage.

            Henry, thank you just isn’t enough. God Bless you and your family.

            Have a Happy Christmas Everyone! Never lose your music.

          3. Thanks, Angel. Just my own way of self medicating in the face of what logically appears to be futility…perhaps it’s time to stop thinking logically…that process is appearing to be tragically flawed and an obvious waste of time and brain energy.

            Hang in there!

          1. Brian, It ain’t too bad. I’ve been in worse situations, but I was a Hell of a lot younger at the time. At 60, it’s not too much fun lining up every morning to use the Porta-John, take a shower, eat, etc. All I can say, is that it’s toughening me up for the Revolution. LOL !

          2. Yeah…I’m 66…ain’t no revolution left in me but good luck with that. Hope you get out of there soon. Glad to hear that you’re “OK”…so to speak. Hang in….must be a super drag.

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