16 thoughts on “Merry Christmas From the Trenches!

  1. Jesus is a solar deity myth created by the Council of Nicaea AKA Vatican (325 AD) to formulate a monotheistic religion precipitating reorganization of otherwise diffuse religions of the region that were competitive with Rome’s need for a centralized force to retain power, which they found it via mystification, the Genesis confab and human gullibility easily manipulated via shock and awe and collective discipline.

    The three reining occult powers that are featured in the bible are the Cult of Castores/Gemini, Amen-Ra Toth and Druid Mysticism, the same stuff the Mormon church was created from.

    So, MERRY [EXPLICITIVE] CHRISTMAS as in mushroom merry and the myriad of occult goings on surrounding this macabre holiday. IF you knew what certain folks were doing at this time you would abandon this event vomiting all over yourself.

    1. Christmas, like everything else, is in the psyche of the participant. Christmas is an American tradition, hence a part of our American culture that the Zionists are attempting to dismantle.
      Christmas does not mean to me this shit you put forth. Christmas is unique for American nationals. If you wish to assist those who are purporting that we have no culture and thus should allow ourselves to be assimilated into the one world culture, go spiel your poison somewhere else.
      And Merry Christmas.

    2. Christmas brings families together which is enough for the ruling class to try and dismantle it.

      As many have noted, destroying the family structure and old values are key to conquering any population.

      We can breakdown its history all day or we can enjoy it and the peaceful times we have with our families and friends.

      Spit in the communists faces and hug you children.

    3. I don’t observe Christmas, but I respect the right of those who choose to do so. Most do know the commercialization & hype scam it is.

      I use the time to commune with fellow Patriots & share some of the bounty I have been blessed with. I can see by your posting you like to see others dwell in the same misery you have created for yourself. I haven’t been to a party yet that some wretch hasn’t thrown a turd into the punch bowl.

      You may want to check with your handler, because your post is indicative of a high SSRI saturation level.

  2. Merry Christmas to you and your family, Henry, and to all of the posters and my friends on From the Trenches.

    May you all have a blessed day.

  3. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone! I especially want to thank Henry and his wife for this wonderful website. This is the first place I come to find out what’s going on in the world thanks again to Henry and all the awake and aware contributors. Peace to one and all and to all a very safe and Merry Christmas!

    May God Bless our country!

  4. Merry Christmas from Salt Lake City! Snow,Ice and holiday cheer. Maybe a little bit of rum….

    Love you guys,

    God Bless to you all……

  5. Merry Christmas out of the Pittsburgh region. I’m fairly new here, at least in the comment dept. but I love this site. Peace be with you all.

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