Michael Bloomberg sees mood swing on gun control at annual U.S. Conference of Mayors

NY Daily News – by ERIN DURKIN

Mayor Bloomber has attended many gatherings of the U.S. Conference of Mayors in his 11 years in office, but the Newtown massacre changed things, he said.

When he addressed the nation’s gun scourge at a Washington meeting Friday, he said he detected a decidedly different tone on guns.

“When I talked to a lot of them, they said, ‘I just never quite really focused on it. I was afraid of the NRA. I didn’t want to get involved in anything controversial. I was elected to pick up the garbage,’” Bloomberg said in a speech at a Martin Luther King Day service in the Bronx. “And now, all of a sudden, they realize they were elected to keep us safe.”

The Bloomberg-founded Mayors Against Illegal Guns has gained 100 new mayors as members since the mass killing in Newtown, Conn., boosting the membership to more than 800.

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9 thoughts on “Michael Bloomberg sees mood swing on gun control at annual U.S. Conference of Mayors

  1. Law enforcement can’t keep you safe in public or in your home. How do mayors think they can keep anyone safe? I have an idea, they can give everyone in america body guards like they have. Wait a minute, who will keep the body guards safe? I will have to get back to you on this, I may not have thought the problem through completely.


    800 mayors?

    That’s 800 hundred INDIVIDUAL people telling 40+ million INDIVIDUAL people what they can and can’t do…

  3. Michael Bloomberg a chosenite say, listen you stupid goyim, guns are only for the chosen people & not for cattle (a.k.a goyim)!

  4. f#@k bloomberg who appointed him king.

    he is psycho-path and just needs to go back to whatever country he came from.

    I mean really the guy is a billionaire many times over and he just can’t go away.

    he is f#@king evil

    why is it people with money think they know more than somebody who lives their life honestly.

  5. I never really considered buying a gun until now. It’s kind of like telling a diabetic they can’t eat sugar. What do they want more than anything else, because they were told they can’t have it? Sugar. It’s the same with a gun. Tell a person, they no longer have the right to buy a gun and it causes a person, even those that never had the desire to buy one, to go out and get one. These politicians really are dull and dim-witted.

  6. Gun control isn’t about guns, it’s about control, and that little fascist scumbag knows it. Infringing on the right to bear arms will make law-abiding citizens inherently UNsafe, but easy pickings for the demonic “elite”.

    We shall be behind every blade of grass.

  7. this cowboys and “Jews” thingy will be fun to watch…

    just do the math

    or imagine an exhibit like – yeast infection/leaven of the pharisee -Dershowitz going up against a real honest to God berserker with an opened can of W. A. … & a battle plan to put the Tares in the Fiery Furnaces as the King of Kings has

    Commanded @ Matthew 13….with no pammy spammy fog banks or talmudvision delusional psychopaths squeeeeling about you’re a Racist, homophobe, ANTI-SEMITE…!

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