Middle School Girl Suspended Over Butter Knife

Infowars – by Steve Watson

A thirteen year old girl was suspended from a Boston school this week for bringing a butter knife with her to cut up a pear for lunch, in the latest crackdown on kids taking anything vaguely resembling a weapon to school with them.

As reported by Fox Boston, Morgan LaPlaume, a Wamsutta Middle School student, was suspended for a day over the incident. The girl needed the knife to cut up the fruit because she has braces and cannot eat the fruit whole.  

Of course, in the new America that fact is irrelevant because she could be an extremist.

“As we were walking to his office I asked him and he said you are not allowed to have knives in school and I said I was using it to cut my pear, I wasn’t harming any other student and he said I know but it’s the policy,” Morgan told reporters.

At time of writing embedding isn’t working on this video report. See WXFT’s report on the story here.

According to the report, the school’s vice principal was strolling past Morgan during lunch, witnessed the blunt knife, and ordered her to accompany him to his office, where he informed her she would be suspended.

The principal of the school told reporters that the vice principal was “following the rules set forth in the handbook”.

The girl’s parents told reporters that they feel the incident was unnecessary and that the “rules” should not be so broad.

“It’s a butter knife, she has braces, there was no intent at all there,” the girl’s mother Melissa LaPlaume said, adding that she is scheduled to meet with a guidance counselor on Monday.

It is now a daily occurrence for school officials somewhere in America to freak out and discipline students, and sometimes even call the police, over anything vaguely resembling a weapon.

In this case how is a blunt butter knife any more dangerous than a sharp pencil or a pen?


Steve Watson is the London based writer and editor for Alex Jones’ Infowars.com, andPrisonplanet.com. He has a Masters Degree in International Relations from the School of Politics at The University of Nottingham, and a Bachelor Of Arts Degree in Literature and Creative Writing from Nottingham Trent University.


5 thoughts on “Middle School Girl Suspended Over Butter Knife

  1. This is obviously stupid, but it’s a good thing, because it will expose to millions how ridiculously stupid our school system and “educators” are, much in the same way that Mr. Obama’s gun control efforts have turned him into the world’s best gun salesman.

    The Zionist’s attempt to change our culture are backfiring in a big way, because they never understood our culture in the first place. Americans will sit back and ignore as much as they can, but these fools will (or already did) cross a line that gets Americans up off the couch, and if you make ’em get up, they’re gonna wanna* kill whomever made them get up, so they can sit back down again and not be bothered.

    *gonna wanna = going to want to. (they didn’t teach ebonics when I went to school, so I’m studying on my own)

  2. Thank goodness it wasn’t a pastry in the shape of a knife.

    They might have had to evacuate the entire school.

  3. It is nothing more than mind control called learned helplessness. Lets just ban the jews behind all this instead.

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