Mike Bloomberg, Health Cop: Mayor Takes Aim At Booze

Village Voice  First he came for your smokes. Then he came for your trans-fats. Then he came for your sugary drinks — and now Mayor Mike Bloomberg has your booze in his sights.

In the mayor’s latest effort to protect you from yourself, the city Health Department now plans to tackle alcohol abuse in the Big Apple, starting with a mass, 50-question telephone survey to get a handle on how serious a problem it actually is.

Given the mayor’s belief that 16 ounces of soda is all that one person should possibly be allowed to drink in one sitting, don’t be surprised if drinking a thimble of beer a week is an indicator that you have a problem — and you need some city-mandated “help” to cut out the booze.

“Issues to be explored include behavior patterns around unhealthy alcohol consumption and awareness of existing alcohol-related laws and standards,” the department reportedly told bidders hoping to conduct the poll.

In an apparent attempt to downplay the role of booze in the poll, health officials say the Department “routinely conduct[s] surveys about important health issues to learn more about them.”

However, according to the New York Post — which first reported Bloomberg’s plan — this particular survey “will put a heavy emphasis on booze, along with some questions on drug use, indicating the city is delving deeper into the drinking problem.”

Health officials say the plan is to increase public education on the dangers of alcohol, and won’t lead to a ban on booze. Again, though, these are the same people who proposed a ban on soda served in containers larger than 16 ounces — so we’ll be on the lookout for a reputable speakeasy.

31 thoughts on “Mike Bloomberg, Health Cop: Mayor Takes Aim At Booze

  1. Hey Angel, remember what I said about Pee-Wee’s Playhouse. It is the next episode and the word of the day is “ALCOHOL”. AHHHHH!!!! (Bells and whistles going off)

    1. I agree with US Marine Fighting Tyranny – NOW THATS FUNNY! , NC!!! Ya know what I did before that no call list was I just put spanish on my answereing service and the telemarketers stopped. Before Bloomberg knows it he will be sitting next to Pee Wee in a dirty novie place holding each others gun making small talk.

      1. if this fraud was truly concerned about american health he’d work to ban pesticides, fluorides, GMO foods and high fructose corn syrup. nyers should have kicked his ass out instead of allowing him illegal 3rd term

          1. Aw, don’t you remember Pee Wee’s Playhouse? It was a Saturday morning children’s show (30 mins.).

          2. Yea You are right Angel NYC – .Pee Wee. awsome. Could you imagine a night without at least one Pee Wee!, Get out them councelors !!! Ya know what would be great is to have Obama, Romney, and Dr. Paul get interviewed by Pee Wee Herman on national television. Un eddited – if that is possible anymore.

  2. My Fellow Americans,

    How to properly respond to the survey:

    Answering Phone: Hello, Mr. Everyday American,

    This is survey directed by Mayor Bloomberg to help us protect your health.

    Please answer the following questions:

    1) Do you drink any alcohol at all?

    Ans: Go F#@k yourself.

    2) How many times a week do you drink?

    Ans: Go F#@k Yourself.

    3) Do you feel drinking less would be good for you?

    Ans: Go F#@k Yourself.

    4) Do you think drinking should be allowed at all?

    Ans: Go F#@k Yourself.

    ………..6 minutes later….

    50) Do you believe gov’t control is good?

    Ans: Go F#@k Yourself.

    Phone: Thank you for completeing this survey….

    You: Go F#@k yourself.

    JD – Hey Blooming-Asshole – Go F#@k yourself.

    1. I prefer the Schwarzeneggar method like he did in “Last Action Hero”. Just put the phone down on top of a recording and press play and walk away while the recording keeps saying, “Go F#@k yourself”. They won’t know the difference. lol

  3. Apart from the fact that it’s all none of his business, you need to acknowledge the fact that he can’t be from the NWO/Poison the people/Eugenics faction, as it’s known that all the stuff he wants banned are bad for ya. If it went by him, we’d all live to a hundred.
    Wierd eh?

  4. Personally, I believe the title of this article should be reversed: Booze takes aim at mayor. Either that’s his problem, or he’s on some seriously mind altering brand of prescription or illegal drugs.

    Either way, he’s a hopelessly demented MORON.

  5. p.s. By the way, I noticed that an article that I posted an exceedingly well-delivered rant (one of my best in a while, I think) on this morning titled “the
    Careerists”, seems to have been removed from this site.
    Am I mistaken in assuming this was due to my comment?
    Just wondering.

  6. I don’t know diggerdan, it disappeared within an hour after I posted that comment. I just checked again, it’s still gone.
    Damn shame too, it was a good rant gone to waste.

  7. Not quite so much of a vacation as a practice (hopefully) run for getting out of the big city, diggerdan.

  8. Banning booze in The Big Apple is like banning cocobutter and sashimi in Honolulu. Ain’t going to happen.

  9. NYC has an alcohol problem?


    NYC actually has a…”jewish mayor control-freak”…problem!!!

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