Milwaukee Cop Runs Motorcycle Off the Road

Cop Block

A large group of sportbike motorcycle enthusiasts were riding in downtown Milwaukee when a police officer noticed the group and tried to stop them by swerving back and forth.

The officers erratic driving ran a motorcycle off the road that also had a passenger on board.

One of the bikers was visibly upset after the officer caused the accident, getting right into his face almost challenging the officer to a physical altercation.  

See the video below:

3 thoughts on “Milwaukee Cop Runs Motorcycle Off the Road

  1. wow. So let me understand this officers mindset. People get a job. Their pay is taxed into somebody elses pockets. They buy a MC. Pay taxes on that. They keep paying a property tax every yr. for the privilege to operated it on the road. They have to pay for a license plate with fees and taxes on that. Then there is a tax on the gasoline they have to buy. They also pay taxes for the roads they drive on, and finally pay for this cops salary. Yeh, the one that just ran him off of the road. This is the ‘we have to murder the children to save them/waco mindset. Maybe it’s the flouride. Someone once declared that for every action there is an equal and opposing reaction.I won’t claim that is accurate from memory. But considering my aforementioned comments this type of attempted murder by cop should have been dealt with. Kind of a ‘put him out of his misery’ kind of thing. The ‘Son of God’ warned about hypocrisy. When and if I hire someone/anyone to ‘protect and serve’ me, they better do their job or I’ll send them down the road=fired. Only thing is that when we’re having to deal with armed thugs using 4000lb cars that the people paid for to do this, maybe a home run with a baseball bat would’ve been the appropriate response. You can’t fix stupid, and when it comes to bullies like this guy the gene pool doesn’t need him. What’s interesting is that the big black guy confronting the pig is having to fight off one of the other bikers!?#% Where is the righteous anger? This blue line is thin, and will be eliminated if it doesn’t change it’s ways. Tyranny like this is always the enemy of freedom to live life. And this kind of tyranny is parasitic. It only survives off of the life/energies of the host. Parasites don’t produce. They feed off of the host until it dies and they move on to another host or die. But, they don’t care or think beyond their noses. What we’re dealing with is akin to every imagination of them was only evil continually kind of beast thinking. So, do you want to be prey or predator? Obviously within this large # of bikers, there wasn’t enough men to just stomp this pig for what he did.

      1. No, seriously.

        To clarify my previous post:

        There is a high end cap that limits thinkers not sheep from passing the test, as far as qualifying.

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