Minneapolis Suburb of Lexington City Becomes First ‘Health Freedom Sanctuary City’

The Minnesota Sun – by Anthony Gockowski

As many cities across the state return to mandatory masking and impose vaccine requirements on their residents, the city of Lexington, Minnesota, has unanimously declared itself a “Health Freedom Sanctuary City.”

“The Lexington City Council opposes any government mandated requirements or restrictions on citizens to show proof of vaccination status in order to access local businesses, houses of worship, or cultural events,” states a resolution passed by the Lexington City Council last week.

The effort was spearheaded by Mayor Mike Murphy, a current candidate for governor of Minnesota and outspoken critic of Gov. Tim Walz’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Murphy condemned the “COVID segregation zones” cropping up in cities like Minneapolis and St. Paul.

“After traveling the state for nearly a year since announcing my candidacy for governor, one of the biggest concerns Minnesotans have is the using and abusing emergency powers that we experienced from Gov. Tim Walz for nearly 500 days,” he said in a statement.

His resolution calls for a “full opening” of the economy and affirms the city’s support for “freedom of choice.”

“The City of Lexington will not promote COVID-19 vaccine segregation restrictions or
mask requirements for the public at our events. All people will be treated equally and
empowered with personal choice, all while implementing safety measures to keep our citizens healthy,” the resolution says.

In a statement, Murphy said the new masking and vaccine requirements in the Twin Cities and their suburbs are not only unconstitutional but “outright evil.”

“My resolution protects and honors the God-given right to medical freedom and healthcare autonomy. We are living through a moment in time our great-grandchildren will only read about in 50 years. We are experiencing the collapse of an entire nation, world economy, and the theft of our fundamental rights as human beings,” Murphy added.

Murphy entered the race as an unknown but has excelled in recent debates and outperformed some of his veteran competitors in informal straw polls.

The Minnesota Sun

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