Mitt Romney – He’s One of Us

GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney released two years of tax returns for 2010 and 2011.  In these two years Romney “earned” $42.6 million and paid $6.2 million in taxes at an average tax rate of 13.9%.  Romney’s tax rate was so low because his income came from capital gains, which is to say, he had a couple hundred million in his portfolio which returned him the $42.6 million dividend, which is to say Romney didn’t hit a lick or produce anything for the money.  It is simple, his money made him the money and isn’t this the way of things?  The top 1% are getting paid just for being rich.

All the elitist neo-cons are coming forth and saying we should not hate Romney because he is successful.  So why didn’t that reasoning work for Al Capone?  The neo-con elite would try to put forth the assertion that Romney made his money honestly.  Really?

The hundreds of millions of dollars that made the $40 million came from profits from Bain Capital when Romney was CEO of that company.  Bain Capital dismantled American factories and sent them to China for profit.  And then when those employees at those factories lost their jobs and then their homes to foreclosure, which were financed through Freddie Mac and insured by AIG, these companies were bailed out by we the people in what can only be described as strong arm robbery.

Now you’ll say Romney has nothing to do with Freddie Mac.  Wrong.  You see the hundreds of millions of dollars of Romney’s that we know about are not his only wealth.  He also has accounts in the Cayman Islands and these monies are invested in Freddie Mac.  So, some of our bailout money went right into Mitt Romney’s Cayman Island account.  And how do I know this?  Because it was reported in the mainstream.

But of course it was all legal because the account was set up in such a way that Romney supposedly did not know where his money was being invested.  Of course this fellow on the news did.  I think it is called plausible deniability.

So Romney made $42.6 million in the last two years…in the United States anyway.  So does that seem gluttonous, I mean to you people working and living from paycheck to paycheck paying a 20% income tax rate?

The elitist reporters say, “But he paid $6.2 million in taxes.”  I swear they think we are children.  How much money would seem grossly excessive?  Let’s look at $20 million for one year, and remember, his money made him this money.  He already has several houses and lives a luxurious lifestyle, so how is $20 million to be justified as fair?  Well maybe if there was something really really expensive that he was saving up for, you know, like his own country.

Or I guess it would be okay if he just liked to spend a lot of money.  But wait a minute; these rich people are not spending their money.  They are in fact piling it up and hoarding it and it is growing exponentially sitting in their vaults.  If that money were being spent and circulated here in the United States, think of the jobs it could create.  But that is not the idea.

Of course, again it is all perfectly legal for Romney to pay a 15% tax rate on $20 million while the person making $60,000, actually working, pays 25%.  Why is this legal?  Well because the rich people buy off the politicians so that they adjust the tax code and put in loopholes that allow them to pay little or no tax, percentage wise.

You see this is where they think they have us conned like children.  The filthy rich say they are paying 40% of all tax revenues, but then they are getting 90% of the wealth.  And even at 15% they are paying 40% of the taxes.  So, how ginormous does that 90% of the wealth have to be to equate to 40% of the tax revenues at a 15% tax rate?  And what the hell, they are now pushing for zero tax on corporations and capital gains, which is exactly the amount Romney is paying on his Cayman Island profits.

What do you want to bet that some of those investments from the Cayman Islands that belong to Romney, but that he has no knowledge of, are being used right now to dismantle a factory in the United States and ship it to China for profit, said profit to go back into Romney’s Cayman Island account, tax free?

This son of a bitch is an ultra elitist and there is nobody on this planet that can convince me that he was some kind of whiz kid who created his fortune through his intelligence.  Look at the man.  He is dumber than a red brick.  He was born into wealth and his daddy’s money has been making him money all of his life.  I doubt the man has ever worked up a sweat.

To think he would in any way have the interest of the 99% on his little mind is absurd.  And to think that anybody would believe that the middle class, working poor, and impoverished would vote him into office is ludicrous.  Even to suggest it is ridiculous.

The international corporate mafia fully intends to defraud us out of our presidency for another four years.  And if we let it happen another big chunk of our middle class will go the way of the dodo bird.  We had better find a way to stop the election fraud.

Ron Paul for President.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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