MLB Appoints Pervert to Help Homosexualize Baseball


Did you think you could escape from liberal politics into sports? Wrong:

Major League Baseball has appointed former outfielder Billy Bean, who came out as gay after his playing career, to serve as a consultant in guiding the sport toward greater inclusion and equality. …

Bean will provide guidance and training related to efforts designed to support the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community throughout baseball. He’ll work with players and front office personnel throughout the major and minor leagues.

Born in May 1964, Bean played for the Tigers, Dodgers and Padres over parts of six seasons and hit .226.

In the near future, even a pathetic .226 batting average will be more than sufficient for any player willing to proclaim that he engages in sodomy.

Commissioner Bud Selig imposes Affirmative Action on baseball.

44 thoughts on “MLB Appoints Pervert to Help Homosexualize Baseball

  1. All I have to say is, if these kinds of players ever make it to “third base”, I’m not watching anymore.

    1. HAHAHA!! LOL Thank you! Much needed laugh 🙂 I bet his old team mates are rethinking all the pats on the bum he gave em over the years?!

  2. That picture of Bud Selig looks really creepy. Kinda makes you wonder what he’s looking at. Or not wonder….Ahem.

  3. Remember the catcher signals:

    One Finger = Fast Ball
    Two Fingers = Curve Ball
    Three Fingers = Slider
    Four Fingers and/or Wiggle Fingers = Change Up

    Oh boy! We might have to redefine all of those.

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