Mom’s angry note to teacher about Islam assignment goes viral


A California mother says she refused to let her son complete a homework assignment on Islam, sending back an angry message for his teacher.

Tara Cali, of Bakersfield, uploaded a photo of the worksheet to Facebook, bringing it to the attention of a local news station, KGET-TV.  

The seventh-grade history assignment asked students to name the Five Pillars of Islam and to summarize Islamic beliefs and practices.

It also provided a barcode for students to scan with their cell phone in order to listen to a Muslim prayer online.

The mother wrote on the sheet that her son will “not be a part of this in any sort of way” and directed the school to call her lawyer.



7 thoughts on “Mom’s angry note to teacher about Islam assignment goes viral

  1. Glad to see someone has the “Balls” to stand up to this crap trying to be crammed down our kids throats.

    1. Too bad it’s far less common for people to publicly stand up to the Jewish agenda of “diversity,” radical feminism, gun control, etc. The “diversity is our strength” movement is the reason why the US has been flooded with non-Western immigrants in the first place.

      Many Americans are paranoid about Muslims taking over the US and being forced to live under sharia law — something that will never happen in a million years. What’s ironic is that Zionist Jews are ALREADY deeply entrenched in the power structure of the US. Their influence is limited only by their desire to avoid appearing too powerful. Most Americans are blind to this — in some cases, willfully.

      1. “Too bad it’s far less common for people to publicly stand up to the Jewish agenda…”


        A huge part of that agenda is race division, as we well know.

        Apparently, Clyde is still falling for the banana in the tailpipe.

  2. Five pillars of Islam?

    Does the stupid little bastard know five of the ten articles in the Bill of Rights?

    “Oh, no… we don’t teach anything about that antiquated document. We only study the Koran here.” — Kike Public School Principal (and yes, most of them are Kikes)

    If you have a kid in the public school system you’re unfit to raise children, because you’re subjecting him to a brainwashing program that will force him to work against his own self-interests, and even his own survival instinct.

  3. I know I get mad when the indoctrination center I subject my kids to teaches them about a religion that worships a child molester.

    [jk, no kids. I dont pollute]

  4. I just can’t fkng believe this…. what’s next.
    The Aleister Crowley homework assignment essay ?
    God help us….

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