More than 500 pounds of explosives stolen from train

CBS News

Federal law enforcement investigators are searching in at least three states for more than 500 pounds of explosives stolen from a CSX train, CBS News has learned.

CBS News Justice Department and Homeland Security correspondent Jeff Pegues reported a law enforcement source says the amount stolen has authorities concerned that the explosives could fall into the wrong hands.

Sources say the theft was reported two days ago but the case has not yet gone public. The ATF is considering putting out an advisory and announcing an reward in the coming days.

The CSX train was traveling from Chicago through Ohio en route to Detroit. Somewhere along the way, investigators believe the explosives were stolen. According to a law enforcement source, when the train car of explosives arrived in Detroit, half of the shipment was gone.

A spokesman for the ATF in Detroit called this a very serious case. Technically the explosives are classified as fireworks but because they are commercial grade combined with the quantity makes them extremely dangerous. The ATF says they are a lot more volatile and typically only handled by professionals.

Investigators believe at least 32 cases of the explosives are missing. The ATF’s Detroit office is leading the investigation with assistance from Detroit Police. Investigators believe that several suspects are likely responsible for the theft.

6 thoughts on “More than 500 pounds of explosives stolen from train

  1. Come on now……..this was 4th of July fireworks……….why do you sensationalize a non story…….but maybe on the other hand ISIS is going to attack New York with Roman Candles……

  2. Look at the bright side.
    It could have been 500 pounds of weed.
    Then the train jacked up and left on cinder blocks.
    The metal stripped and taken to the local recyclers to get just enough cash to score some more meth and heroin.
    It’s gotta be more US government ISIS employees trying to scare us.
    I would suspect a government connection more to create fear and justify another false flag with another imaginary terrorist.
    But then the government are the terrorists.

  3. “Technically the explosives are classified as fireworks” So they are fireworks…so the rest is all buga-buga. Scare the people..or should I say scare the sheeple.

  4. Sence when did they start useing C-4 or cintex in fireworks? That is commercial grade explosives. Sounds like they are going to need an excuse for a bad planed red flag.

  5. They jacked my fireworks order, fools I told them to use Fedex for shipping, everyone knows what is shipped on trains!

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