‘More than one shooter’ on scene at Oregon mall – Reports

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‘More than one shooter’ on scene at Oregon mall – Reports —‘He looked like he was on a mission’ – Witness describing Oregon mall shooter –Oregon Mall Gunman Identified as Jacob Tyler Roberts —‘Erie similarities’ to Colorado theater shooting [Yeah, that’s because they were likely given the same drug – scopolamine.]

Officials would not confirm whether or not there was a second shooter. –100 police on site–Three dead, including gunman –FBI on scene –One person hospitalized with ‘traumatic inujury’ –Gunman opens fire at Oregon mall, several people shot: officials –More than sixty bullets fired –Gunman had assault rifle and wore camouflage, body armor, and white mask –Mall is in lockdown –Multiple law enforcement agencies, SWAT on scene –Witness: Shooter yelled, ‘I am the shooter! I am the shooter!’ as he ran into the mall, BEFORE the shooting started.

11 Dec 2012 A gunman opened fire at an Oregon shopping mall outside of Portland on Tuesday and multiple people were believed to have been shot and wounded, authorities said. The gunman remained at large at the Clackamas Town Center near the Portland suburb of Happy Valley, said Steve Campbell, spokesman for the city. “There is an active shooter at the Clackamas Town Center,” Campbell said.


2 thoughts on “‘More than one shooter’ on scene at Oregon mall – Reports

  1. I think people are getting wise to this trick, and every mass shooting is now back-firing in their faces.

    Rather then garnering new support for gun control measures, this will result in a million more guns purchased by our side.

    Keep shooting, bone-heads.

  2. The gun-free zones in our nation’s suburban gathering spots seem to be working very well, doing just what they’re supposed to.

    How about this for a probable conversation?

    Hey, bro! Hey, how’s things?

    Aw I’m bummin, just sold all my stuff and now I’ve missed my flight to Hawaii!

    Aw jeez bro, tough break.

    Say, man can I borrow your assault rifle? That…what is it…AR-15?
    Sure, man.

    Awww, sweet, Bro! Hey, you got any bullets?

    Sure, man, here, take these 2 mags of .223, I’ve been meaning to go to the range and burn it up, it’s past its use-by.

    Hey, when’d you take this photo? Body armour and camo clothes, makes you look just like someone from CoD….Can I borrow those, too?

    Sure, Man, just don’t put any holes in ’em!

    Hey, I’ma go to the mall. Want anything?
    Yeah, bring me back a cinnabon, bro, and a pack of cigs!

    Suuuuuure. Nothing out of the ordinary here, why I’d loan my depressed friend who just sold all his possessions my AR-15, camo, and body armor in a heartbeat! No problem!

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