Wasserman-Schultz: ‘It can’t be my way or the highway’

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Starting at about the 2.27 minute mark Debbie Wasserman Schultz(D-FL) makes it clear to Chris Jansing of MSNBC that she does NOT do the bidding of her constituents. Schultz says that she knows better than the people that sent her to Washington what to do.

If this Zionist bitch can openly say things such as this on the Puppet Shows(MSM) it shows that WE THE PEOPLE have no voice in government.  Therefore, government by, for, and of the people is dead. The Constitution is dead. Freedom is dead.

Or so TPTB would like us to think.  The occupying insurgent govt we are now faced with is not a legal govt. Therefore all the laws they have passed are illegal!

10 thoughts on “Wasserman-Schultz: ‘It can’t be my way or the highway’

  1. This should be shared with the sheep amongst us. I figured most here already knew that actions such as DWS admitted to are commonplace.
    I say, Bring out the Traveling Gallows and hang these POS politicians. It’s time to stand up and be heard. The problem being is that we will have to use drastic measures to convince anyone wishing to represent American Nationals and our demands that WE THE PEOPLE will not allow this sh*t to continue. Do our bidding or suffer the consequences.

  2. If the people who voted her in to office don’t know any better, why did she accept the vote count and take her oath of office? She’ll back-peddle in a day or 2 to save face, tell her voting public that she didn’t mean what she said, then go on voting as she really feels. No one will notice, no one will mind. I have a shiny new US nickel that says this woman holds a foreign passport.

  3. entitlement reform –
    since they are cutting medicare will they cut what they take out of my check for medicare.

    medicare and social security are not entitlements when they have taken money out of my pocket.

  4. “The Constitution is dead. Freedom is dead.” You’re just now figuring this out? Lincoln killed the constitution with his attack on the southern states.
    It opened the door to all that is happening now. How? By making federal rule trump states rights to decide. It opened the door to the federal reserve and the income tax. That’s why Lincoln was so admired by Hitler and Stalin.

    And I agree a certain minority of ‘chosen people’ sure have over-representation and too much power in the US.

    What’s to be done? We need an intellectual awakening.
    When sovereignty comes from the bottom up maybe things will change.
    Articles of Confederation are a good place to reflect on our current conundrum. A knowledge and a spine in the goyim would help too


  5. I think that what you’re seeing in this particular Zionist wench is a classic display of exactly the kind of arrogance that usually precedes a mass head-rolling event.

    1. Exactly what I was thinking, digger!

      Enlighten us, DL.

      What’s your MASTER PLAN?

      Critics are a dime a dozen.

      I wouldn’t give two cents for your opinion.

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