MSNBC’s Joy Reid Proposes That Unvaccinated Americans Be Paid Less In The Workplace

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January 12th, 2022.

MSNBC’s Joy Reid proposes that unvaccinated Americans be paid less in the workplace (regardless of what their job is), face higher insurance premiums alongside groups like smokers, and pay higher medical costs if they ever get sick. MSNBC medical contributor Dr. Lipi Roy treads just shy of saying unvaccinated people should be denied medical care, arguing they could be put on a separate “triage list” that would result in them only getting “a certain type of care” though she’s “not giving up on” them yet.

Here’s the transcript for anyone who doesn’t believe

7 thoughts on “MSNBC’s Joy Reid Proposes That Unvaccinated Americans Be Paid Less In The Workplace

  1. I hope Joy Reid and her smug ass look hangs with a mandate over her head that says, “Hang this woman”.

    What a sick bitch.

  2. If these liberals are so worried then why aren’t they opposed to illegals being allowed to come into the US without vaccinations and no vetting? What consequences would the illegals face? Why isn’t the media asking these Biden and Fauci lovers the real questions and see what their answers would be? Forget that – ask Biden himself HAHAHAHAH!

    1. Well, these communist liberals are not worried for the same reason the fascist conservatives aren’t.
      You see they are all the same rich self-proclaimed ruling class that put mammon above all other things.
      And don’t forget, that son of a bitch Trump knows this is a lie as surely as anyone else on this planet.
      We don’t play the left-right bullshit game on this site.
      It is the unlawful corporate aristocracy verses the individual free sovereign American nationals. It is the Act of 1871, the 14th Amendment, and slavery verses the Bill of Rights and liberty. And anybody that plays into the false left-right paradigm is a fool. HAHAHAHA

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