MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell faults NRA for delaying Boston Marathon investigation

Politico – by Dylan Byers

On a day in which the Senate’s vote on gun control legislation vied for media attention with new developments in the Boston Marathon bombing investigation, MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell drew a direct link between the two stories by blaming the National Rifle Association for complicating the FBI’s efforts “to find the murderer who planted the bombs here in Boston.”

“There are new developments in the bombing investigation here in Boston, but that investigation could be moving faster were it not for the successful lobbying efforts of the National Rifle Association,” O’Donnell said at the top of his 10 p.m. program.

“The NRA’s effort to guarantee that America’s mass murderers are the best equipped mass murderers in the world is not limited to those who use automatic weapons and high capacity magazines. The NRA is also in the business of helping bombers get away with their crimes,” O’Donnell continued. “Gunpowder could be traced by investigators to a buyer at the point of sale if gunpowder contained a taggant — an element that would enable tracing of the purchase of gunpowder. But thanks to the National Rifle Association, identification taggants are required by law only in plastic explosives.”

“The NRA has successfully blocked any requirements for such taggants in gunpowder, so such supremely helpful evidence as taggants are not available to the FBI in this investigation,” O’Donnell said.

In an unforgettably busy news day, the Federal Bureau of Investigation continued its open and ongoing investigation into the Boston Marathon bombing, while the Senate voted to reject Senators Manchin and Toomey’s amendment to expand background checks on guns.

Earlier in the evening, MSNBC’s Chris Hayes noted that less than 3,000 Americans have been killed in terrorist attacks over the last 42 years, while almost 900,000 Americans have been killed by guns in the last 32 years.

11 thoughts on “MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell faults NRA for delaying Boston Marathon investigation

  1. The blame game race has started and is out of the gate, but the winner by far is the bolsheviks, who either directly or by their machinations have killed around 135 million people on this planet.

  2. same ol storie Rome could not control its borders eather its not goin too get better .. We must get it under control again..

  3. So how would they trace the powder if they had stolen and dismantled a few hundred or a few thousand rounds of ammo?. Or what if it were fertilizer?. Just because the people have started to wake up to what’s going on with our constitutional rights and how we’re losing them little by little, now he’s blaming the NRA?. BS. In fact, some of those pictures shown on TV identified a trio of which two were dressed identically, in Khaki trousers and Khaki color style combat boots. They were probably ones responsible to create a false flag attack. And what about this 20 y.o. Saudi who is currently in the hospital and will be deported?.

  4. So this guy is saying that new info says they used gunpowder? Forgive me if I missed something, but this is the first time I have heard of gunpowder being used. I am open to be enlightened, this is just the first time I heard gunpowder was used.

  5. Say what you want about InfoWars but they posted an email saying Boston was going to be blamed on a white Christian NRA member in his late teens / early 20’s and the focus was going to be on banning gun powder sales.

    1. And just where do you think he got the info. Ben? He got it from his Zionist leaders who paid him to say that. He’s controlled opposition. Never forget that. He wants to blame the Arabs, instead of the real terrorist which are the Zionist Jews from Israel. He’s a traitor to the Republic just like Rand Paul.

  6. IMO, AJ should be supported for his work. I know he has problems, but he is the best we have out there right now. Fromthetrenches has become one of my new favorites also…Keep up the good work, great articles and great posts, I am sharing this website to many.

    1. AJ is a Zionist shill and should not be supported. He has waken up a lot of people including myself, but he’s still a Zionist shill, a traitor to the Republic like Rand Paul and should not be supported.

  7. I had to go study much after 911…AJ did not wake me up, I was awake when a child. But during my studies, I found that zionism was founded in the mid to late 1800’s by the rothchild banking cartel. I also learned than mormonism and jehovah witness was also birthed around that time. I myself, do not care about some organization that was birthed in the late 1800’s, I focus more on who birthed them. The queen, Rotchchild banking cartel, then the vatican etc.
    The current state of israel came from the queen and the rothchild banking cartel. I dont look much at zionism, I look at their father. Guess thats just me tho. I dont put down jews either..I have no clue what they are..if its a religion, then whatever..if its a race, there is no way after thousands of years that they did not sneak over the fence to have relations with a pretty palestinian or whatever..I could be part jew for all I know.. Are jews really khazars? Does the book of revelations saying “those that call themselves jews are not jews” a fabrication? Why do we focus so much blame on the child and not the father of the evil?

    1. The Zionists were around a lot longer than the 1800’s. They may have went under a different name, but their philosophy still existed and was being implemented for centuries. Read the Protocols of Zion. Whether it’s the Illuminati, Order of whatever, they all follow the same script. It’s the script of a one world order, one world government, one world leader, one world religion and Satan’s one world Hell on Earth.

  8. O’Donnell was the guy admitting he had a thing for youthful negro males, especially one Trayvon Martin.

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