Muskogee police pepper-spray 84-year-old grandmother

Published on Aug 29, 2016 by RT America

New body camera video released by the Muskogee Police Department in Oklahoma shows officers pepper-spraying 84-year-old grandmother Geneva Smith and tasering her son. Smith is accusing the officers of using excessive force.


13 thoughts on “Muskogee police pepper-spray 84-year-old grandmother

  1. Since when is it necessary to kick down someone’s door (I highly doubt there was a warrant), taze a person and pepper spray an 84 year old woman?!? I noticed that the “officer” who used the pepper spray was a fat b**** that obviously has a power trip complex. All that because the guy ran a stop sign?!? Seriously?!? Okay, I get it, he broke a traffic law, but the actions the officers took was beyond overkill. This is not law enforcement, it’s domestic terrorism. When are we the people going to put an end to this crap?!?

  2. Just listen to those thugs. Stand up! Walk my way! Stay! Come out here! And then, after the presumed stop sign runner is tased and on the floor and the 84 yr old innocent woman is staggering around obviously un-armmed, Turn around! Turn around or I’ll spray you! A shock like that can KILL an 84 yr old person. And she wasn’t even the suspect. Let’s be clear: that thug cop “sprayed” that helpless elderly woman because she talked back to her and refused to OBEY, not because she was a threat. Think about that. And people wonder why the public is turning against law enforcement?

  3. This is sickening. We allow them to do this you know. We tolerate it when we should be bitchin’ big time about it but nooooooooooo, that would be politically incorrect.

    F’N pigs on a “power trip”. It’s unfortunate the IQ’s can’t rise above lukewarm before disqualification. So, how are we to expect rational thought from mental midgets?

  4. The God’s were not worshiped as they demanded, so they brought down lightning upon the people.

    Look how many thugs it took for an old woman and a single guy.

    Scared bully’s.

  5. They will bring down a day of reckoning upon themselves by their own hand, it is inevitable, so, to all the “good” folks in “law enforcement”…what are “you” gonna do?……………..

    The Enforcers of tyranny, MUST bare the brunt of the people’s resistance to it!

    1. For jews & communists (deservedly so), NOT for the German nationals. THEY were allowed to keep their guns.

      Whereas the stinking, lying jews CLAIMED 6 million dead (biggest hoax in history), the Bolsheviks (jEWS!) murdered 66 million Russians (mainly Christians) or more.

      We never hear about that, though. Guess Russians just don’t count for as much as the jews, right?

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