It is time for the people to think seriously about law enforcement

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I want to be perfectly clear with something: The people have the right to enforce the law when the state fails to. The state would like to have a monopoly on enforcement, because it allows those in power to commit crimes without consequence. It also allows “friends of the state” to commit crimes without consequence. And when this goes to an extreme, we end up with what we have now.  

I do not care what the talking heads on CNN say about people “taking the law into their own hands” being nutcases, because in reality, those who have the audacity and inner strength to enforce laws the state won’t enforce are those a corrupted state fears most – they are the people who are the shining light of progress when tyranny rules. Obviously the state, and the establishment, will brand these types of people as being bad through their “official channels” because it is these people that will put things right in society against the will of the corrupt.

We have reached the tipping point, average people have to stand up against corruption now or all will be lost

When a good cop chases a street gangster who robbed a bank, that good cop will use all means of force necessary to get the gangster. Chances are, the gangsters have their own “enforcement” waiting for the police in ambush, to make sure “street law” prevails. And if the gangsters have guns, and are shooting at the police,the police HAVE TO shoot back against the gangsters, who happen to be operating at the neighborhood level. This is obvious rational logic. Why have the people then, accepted that this logic should only go in favor of the police, when the police themselves have become the protectors of much higher level “gangsters” and “street law” is enforced at the state level?

If the police and state enforcement are helping the bad guys, who are robbing the public (banker bailout) and doing far worse – such as snatching children to be sold on international markets and using “child protective services” to do it; – If the bad guys are committing crimes against the public left and right while they hide behind corrupted courts and the police won’t arrest them because they are “following orders not to, then the police are exactly the same as the neighborhood gangsters, and have to be dealt with by the public the same way when they protect the same kind of gangsters who happen to be operating at the state level.

What we have today at the state level is a glorified version of a bank robbing street gang, and the police serve no purpose better than that of the gangster’s buddies. The police nowadays often do nothing more than prevent good people from taking action against the gangsters the police support. They will go after anyone who tries to enforce the true law and actually protect the people.

Street law has become the American electoral process

When this election gets stolen, the people will HAVE TO go against the police and other totally corrupted “law enforcement” and become the real law enforcement, because the “gangsters” now own the entire election process, and will only vote themselves back to where they can continue to rob and rape the public. This will definitely happen. And when it does happen, this time around good people everywhere will have to take the law into their own hands, and oust the gangsters with force. This will involve going against the state level gang police, and using guns. The state sponsored police have absolutely no moral authority when they serve as protectors of evil at the state level, and they will need to be dealt with the same way as any low level street thug.

Protesting will not work. How much good would it do if all the police did after a bank robbery is walk around the street in a random location, crying about it? Protesting is ROCK STUPID folks, it won’t accomplish JACK.

It will be important to go after the correct thugs

Enforcing the law at government offices will be only one part of the equation. This would be the same part of the equation as hitting the distribution center for a drug smuggling ring. But that will not accomplish the job all by itself. Law enforcement also has to happen where the criminals are sleeping, where they “worship” and where they conduct business. It has to arrive when the criminals are singing and eating matzo balls. It has to arrive when they are having a picnic, or crying about some past fictional “wrong” that was “committed against them”.

We have a crystal clear picture of who the criminals are

They are the owners of Facebook. Google. Microsoft. The main stream media. They are on the school boards and head most of the top colleges. They run all the libraries. They own Hollywood. They are anywhere in the power structure where there is money to be had, and social control to be enacted. They are the owners of most of the phone companies. Most of them are dual citizens. They live in tight little enclaves with special stores, where they get unfettered access to foods that are not poisoned. And these “enclaves” are where the root of any law enforcement efforts have to be planted. If the enclaves remain safe zones, any efforts to enforce the law will be futile.

It is time for the people to think seriously about law enforcement. And it is time for that law enforcement to come directly from the people themselves. Failure to enforce the law at this point will end your way of life forever, and replace it forever with what a gangster thinks you should have, rather than what you make for yourself. What do you want? a free America, or a new world order? The choice cannot be made at the polling booth.

America has a system of voting in place for the peaceful transition of power. That system IS THE LAW. And the gangsters have decided that this system is irrelevant, that the law is irrelevant and that they system is only there to be manipulated and used to fool the public into believing it has a choice of who rules. This system has been trampled by the gangsters for decades. It is the right of the American people to take this system back, and to order the gangsters to surrender peacefully. If the gangsters refuse to surrender, and opt to rig the vote instead, whatever happens next is their own fault.

17 thoughts on “It is time for the people to think seriously about law enforcement

  1. Excellent piece, although I do take issue with this- “When this election gets stolen, the people will HAVE TO go against the police and other totally corrupted “law enforcement” and become the real law enforcement, because the “gangsters” now own the entire election process, and will only vote themselves back to where they can continue to rob and rape the public.”

    The author gives the impression that we have a choice of someone actually being a president that will abide by the limited powers granted. They have owned the entire process for many, many yrs. already. All elections are stolen simply because the orchestrator’s at the top run those who will continue the pillaging of our people.
    The people should have gone after criminals WAY long ago.

    1. The election will not be stolen they are not that crazy it will be manipulated like everything else. They have a plan and its not good, We just do not have access to it, like everything else.

  2. Hey Jim Stone, you got a problem calling a joo out? You describe them to perfectly in your piece but fail to say it. WTF? Who are the criminals? You allude to dual citizens but that’s as close as you get you chicken shit.

    1. Good point. I thought maybe he was speaking in undertones because he was speaking to the choir. He should say plainly who he speaks of for those that may not know the Zios are the problem.

  3. You’re not fooling anybody with your little speechifying Stone.
    Stone’s been babbling on and on about how Trump is the savior of the planet and now he wants everyone to fight a war to save his buddy from a “rigged vote.”
    Newsflash Stone: ALL votes are rigged.
    And as for taking our country back? We’re going to do that anyway. Without your con artist friend Donald Trump.

    1. tc, thanks for the info. about Stone. I got the impression he was round a bout supporting Trump by the way he said some things in his article.

      Now I know he is in total support by what you have declared.

  4. I really think we need to lighten up on law enforcement.
    They take their jobs very seriously.
    Look at the bright side.
    It could be a lot worse.
    They could be breaking into the evidence room.
    Stealing dope and drug money and shaking down porn stars on the side of the road.
    Gettin paid …Gettin paid.

    1. I surmise your comment about “we need to lighten up on law enforcement” was in jest, I’ll never “lighten up.” Law enforcement, it’s the largest criminal enterprise in the country, they make who they term as “organized crime” look like a kid stealing someone’s lollypop.

      They talk “thousands of dollars” stole when they steal billions under the guise of “keepin’ us safe”. Safe from what, them?

      1. C’mon guys….
        Trying to write jokes…
        There’s a formula sometimes.
        You have to catch their interests and hook them first. On something that may provoke anger or some emotion.
        Then you crush them with the punchline.
        I think they call it a setup.

  5. Police were created to protect the corrupt.
    Something conceived through corruption can never be made to have even the least bit of morality.

    Private security would serve the people much better as they are accountable to the people who pay them. The corrupt in any government are the ones who pay the police regardless of the enforcement flavor. There can be many security services that operate in a given area. There can be agreements between the services to investigate when ones natural rights are violated. The better security organizations will prosper and the poorer ones will go out of business. The Free Market works where ever it has been tried.

  6. As I’ve said before, “The enforcers of Tyranny, MUST bare the brunt of the people’s resistance to it”….additionally, “Who’s Version of Freedom am I obligated to live under or follow?”…..

    The people everywhere having arms and using them honorably as required against any and all aggression is really the only answer, common law and juries being the rule…..

    I am an Island unto myself, free, sovereign…I exist, I stand here among fellow humans on this earth…..

    So long as I do not harm or injure another person or their property nor use fraud in any agreements/contracts, then their can be no legitimate reproach upon me without the minimums as enumerated under the fourth…..

  7. “It is time for the people to think seriously about law enforcement”

    Only if it leads to ending it.

    Only option left at this point.

  8. The law enforcement today cannot be trusted, no matter what they do it is questioned, they break the law all the time are get away with it. Courts have ruled that law enforcement owes nothing to the people, just to the community. You the people are on your own

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