Muslim Cleric Declares War on U.S.

If you want to see what a real revolution looks like watch the footage coming out of Libya, where both sides are armed and determined to fight to the last man.  Having been exposed to the truth as to the end goal for the Middle East I am currently watching the formation of the new super Muslim state take place. 

I truly had no idea how much Muslims hated Americans until I did my article on Iran.  The comments I received from that country were aggressive.  I responded to them by suggesting they might want to look at our Constitution as an avenue to true freedom and liberty.  The response I got was “We hate your thoughts” and the more I look into the situation, the more I realize that it is true. 

They truly despise our notion of self-governance with freedom and liberty.  They are indeed the most radical religious fanatics walking the earth today.  The bottom line is you are either one of them and believe and live your life through the dictates of their god, or you are an infidel of who it is their holy duty to kill.

There are approximately 7 million Muslims in our country at present.   How in the hell did we ever allow this to happen?  And I do not want to hear about diversity and tolerance as the Muslims are the most intolerant people on this planet.  As we have all seen as a result of the various uprisings in the Middle East, there are 5th columns from literally every state in the Middle East entrenched within our borders.

Anjem Choudary, former UK Head Al-Muhajiroun, will be leading a Muslim protest in front of our White House on March 3rd to push for adoption of Muslim Sharia law as an alternative to “Our freedom and democracy and man-made law that you have at the current time in America.”  In fact Choudary is pushing for an Islamic state in the United States.

I have a message for Anjem Choudary, “You just try it and we will not only eliminate every Muslim in this country but may very well turn the whole Middle East into one big hunk of glowing glass.” 

This is what we get for allowing the liberal commies to push their one world agenda in our country.  Every red blooded American living in or around Washington DC should be out in front of our White House on March 3rd to send these un-American bastards packing.  And I mean whatever it takes, every damn one of them who show up at that protest should be arrested and deported and Choudary should be imprisoned for trying to incite insurrection against our Constitution. 

If our government officials refuse to enforce our laws against this bastard, we should storm their offices and throw their treasonous asses in jail with him.  This affront to our Republic cannot be tolerated.

God guide us in destroying those who would try to force themselves upon us.

Please take the time to watch the video below.

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  1. what a good time to ban the tourists who are muslim and not let them in …..anyone thinking I want shariah is dead wrong not just ” NO! ” but HELL NO keep that shariah in the land of sand and BAN it in America ….
    [[[[[[[[no american women will accept or allow it ]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]

  2. First, that thing…. can’t get a visa into our country and neither can his other 2 flesh peddlers. He has been denied as of two days ago (I have my sources) and he went to reapply. He can’t get past the first question “have you ever been accused or involved in terroristical activities or behaviour” …. Second, if they do don’t forget they have prayer time alot so that just means that will be a target rich enviroment to kick someone in the can. Third, being the Patriotic FLAG WAVING American that I am I say…. good come here and make it easier for the people that can’t afford flying across the ocean to shoot you. Shariah Law will never happen here because of one small flaw that they didn’t realize….. The Troops abide by the ” Protect and Preserve the Constitution against foriegn and domestic terrorist threats” Oath…. Don’t you worry, I’ll bring an extra lawn chair and we both can sit and watch the carnage that America will respond with =) keep ya chin up folks…. this is just a radical idiot laying down pipe dreams they couldn’t take 1 American non the less 100 of them =) it’s stuff like this that makes me laugh and say ” Jihad this” (flips them the bird) We’re American, We’re Proud and We have shown others what “being at the business end ” of our fury before…they need to read the history of this great nation and her People…… Even if it he gets his way and is let in his threats are like spitting in the wind, they’ll come back to land with force on his face!

  3. Hell NO, don’t let him into our country. He will have followers at the White House and they will believe in Sharia in the U.S. There’s already enough muslims just like him and if he is let in, the FBI and CIA better have their cameras running.

  4. A religion that forces it’s women to wear gunny sacks and won’t drink alcohol is seriously screwed up. Seriously, these characters don’t assimilate into the American melting pot and it breeds all sorts of problems. They never fit it and thus don’t prosper, then they hate the infidels and that’s a breeding ground for terror (or at least smelly, rude taxi drivers). America’s always been like the nicest, most welcoming house on the block BUT it won’t stay that way by letting it’s Muslim guests ignore it’s house rules….

  5. Great article Rick, This kind of thing really pisses me off. I am 100 percent for people having freedom of religion in this country, and I think every one can think and believe as he or she chooses. The problem lies in people trying to force their religion on to other people. There is nobody on this planet who knows what happens after death, no matter how much they try to make you believe that they do. I don’t understand why people find it necessarily to settle on one guess, proclaim that guess as truth, and try to force others to accept the guess as truth. This madness has escalated to the point of people murdering each-other in masses, for no better reason than they have a different guess at the afterlife. All of the major religions have one thing in common, they all believe they are destined for eternal happiness, and everyone els is destined to eternal misery. If someone takes an objective look at this way of thinking they will see how grossly arrogant and ridicules it is. As for this Muslim cleric, if he thinks he is going to come into our country, take away our way of life and enforce his, then I’m with you Rick, lets give him a chance to find out if his guess was correct.

  6. he plans to come to a country he hates .. what an idiot ! they should put this asshole on a no fly list ! and kick his ass back to where he came from

  7. Born muslim hate islam and regim of Iran
    this regim will not last for another year
    If these people get into power will do as those have done in Iran.
    Support SORKH JAMEGAN the only alternative in Iran to spread peace in the Middle east.

  8. Dear Mr. Choudary,

    It has come to our attention that you have declared war against the United Stated of America.

    Please kindly give us your latitude and longitude coordinates so that we may send our regards.

    Gen. Titan D. Booster

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