Mysterious booms-Lights- over Indianapolis Jan 7 2013

Published on Jan 8, 2013 by Ava Leah

A series of mysterious booms over Indianapolis around 12:14 am on jan 7th 2013. I say three big ones total. when we heard the first one a few minutes before, i grabbed my phone because of all the sirens. the lights would have been in the northeast direction. I live in 46th & Sherman area. Last boom shook our house so hard it cracked a window. I don’t know if these are planes, Missiles or UFOs but my family was terrified

11 thoughts on “Mysterious booms-Lights- over Indianapolis Jan 7 2013

  1. What the hell is this stuff? It’s been going on all over the country for a while now. Is this some sort of military weaponry? Do they have supersonic drones yet? I’ve got a feeling that we’re going to find out in the not too distant future.

    1. No shit. What the hell is all this booming shit going on lately? And please don’t tell me it’s a B-52 again doing a test flight. I wasn’t born yesterday.

    2. The last week or so I have had some slow and low flying planes flying over my place They were loud enough that I had to check out what was going on. I never saw anything but they were loud. I say they were big because it made so much noise that only a big plane could have made that kind of noise – it was as loud as a freight train. these were flying during the day time. I have heard these planes flying over head 3 or 4 times this yr. so far.

  2. So were the lights and the booms related to each other?

    “They” feed off of our fear. No matter what you see … no matter what you hear, try not to go into fear mode. It’s what they want and how they try to control us.

  3. if it was bombs then someone would find the damage in the morning.
    and yes, there are supersonic drones.

    my guess is it’s either more techtonics or something coming from space and exploding at altitude.
    (maybe from incoming fire, maybe natural – who can tell)

    one other possibility,
    that space-drone.
    the x47 or whatever it’s called.
    does it re-enter the atmosphere and glide supersonic?

  4. Good find Pete, very interesting. I looked last night and wasn’t able to find anything except for peoples’ guesses about what it could be. My only question is about meteors and sonic booms. At what point in entering the atmosphere will an object make a sonic boom? Because I’m assuming a meteor doesn’t do much accelerating except in the way of angular momentum which is caused by gravity. Am I wrong? When I lived in the city, I witnessed a very large meteor come across the horizon in the early evening. The sun didn’t even go down and this thing was a large fireball, not a little speck. I expected a large sound or explosion and didn’t hear a thing. What would be the difference between the two? I just cant figure out why a metero would accelerate while entering the atmosphere but Im no expert and could totally wrong.

  5. you only get a boom when it enters the atmosphere.
    no air – no boom, it doesnt need to accelerate.

    that said, if it comes in almost horizontal and not straight down, it may not be fast enough to create a boom.

    most of the fireballs you see or hear about are not meteors,
    they are de-orbitting space junk that has been spining around over us for decades & slowly getting closes & closer
    eventually it scrapes the atmosphere and gets pulled down – catching fire on the way through the atmosphere.

    rocket stages, and satellites mostly.

    dont assume they are harmless, a lot of the old military sat’s had atomic battery’s that used a highly radioactive material and no shielding.
    when they burn-up that shit either vaporises into the air, or comes down onto the ground someplace.

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