10 thoughts on “Nashville, TN – 72 Degrees 10am

  1. Love Tennessee
    Have long time friends down there
    I used to fly my kids down there in the summer we’d hit Gatlinburg, Dollywood , there’s an air museum down there off the parkway that’s awesome
    Tons of stuff to do , was cool 3hrs and 20 min flight in a Cessna we could leave the cold north and be sitting in a much warmer climate

    Always had a positive experience there

    Also Rode the Dragon Tail on my Harley and my Ural
    And Married my Bride in Townsend Tennessee

  2. I enjoy this state a lot its a trucking hub, no problem finding work here, but in my business you can live anywhere to a big extent.

    Big possibilities for a young family, or a person whos good with his hands.

    Been through here a couple hundred times.

    1. Oh you poor truckers so much compassion for you. Nashville traffic can be brutal because the morons built it like a spider web. You have to exit every few miles just to stayon I40 to get through the city.

      Lebanon is sweet and Tennessee is filled with State Parks. If you want to move here, Smith County has the best property prices.

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