NBC News Supplies YouTube a List of Videos to Delete & Channels to Demonetize

Ammoland – by John Crump

Editor’s Note: Creators and activists, take this as a reminder. Anytime mainstream media contacts you for a so-called innocent interview, you should always turn them down. If for some reason you agree to ever speak with any “journalist” make sure you always record the interview for your own protection, as they inevitably will edit your words to fit their agenda. In the following video recording, P80 Ralph took those precautions, but the activist-journalist still reported P80 to Youtube for channel demonetization.

U.S.A. –-(Ammoland.com)- The MSM media outlet, NBC News has launched an attack against gun channels on YouTube that focus on videos about unfinished gun frames & rifle receivers.

NBC researcher and investigative journalist Joshua Eaton contacted multiple content creators (email below) requesting comments and interviews about their video channels “being out of compliance” with YouTube’s 2018 content policy on the building of firearms.

AmmoLand News has also confirmed that NBC then supplied a list of channels and videos to YouTube for the video-sharing giant to delete videos and remove the offending channels from the YouTube Partner programs.

From the Youtube confirmation letter:

“All channels on YouTube must comply with our Community Guidelines, which prohibit content instructing viewers how to make firearms,” Jack Malon, YouTube spokesperson, told AmmoLand News. “After careful review, we have removed the videos in question for violation of our firearms policy, and we have also suspended the channels sent by NBC from the YouTube Partner Program for failure to follow our Advertiser-Friendly Guidelines.”

The YouTube partner program allows content creators with more than 1000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours in a one-year period to share in ad revenue from ads shown to viewers and views from paid YouTube members. NBC mass reporting the channel caused the channel owners to take a financial hit by limiting the money they could make from their videos. All affected channels were earning money from the site.

One of the channels affected was Pew-Tang Clan. He received the email from Mr. Eaton on the afternoon of Wednesday, November 17th, 2021. Bob of Pew-Tang Clan did not answer Eaton’s email request, but later, he noticed that YouTube started deleting his videos. Only two (2) of the deleted videos showed the building of firearms. A day later, he received an email stating that he was removed from the YouTube partner program for not following the tech giant’s terms of service. The Pew-Tang Clan has since moved his video to Odysee.

Youtube’s Take Down Notice to Pew-Tang Clan.

Another channel that NBC targeted was P80 Ralph. His channel had several videos removed, and YouTube booted him from the Partner Program the day after NBC contacted him. P80 Ralph spoke to Mr. Eaton via video chat and recorded the conversation. (embedded above) P80 Ralph pushed back against the YouTube terms of service.

Joshua Eaton, NBC News

Mr. Eaton has a history of attacking guns in his reporting. His news stories about the FBI purging background checks from NICS caused Democrat Rep. Jimmy Panetta to introduce gun control into the House of Representatives. He concluded in his reporting that not giving the FBI unlimited time to complete a background check could allow someone to get a gun without the Bureau performing a background check.

The Bloomberg-owned organization, ‘The Trace’ has also used Eaton’s research. The Trace is an anti-gun website funded by groups like Everytown for Gun Safety. The website has launched multiple attacks against the Second Amendment community. Eaton has also hosted workshops for far-left groups such as “Think Progressive.” He also has written for left-aligned publications such as Vox, the Daily Beast, and Al Jazeera America.

When questioned by Ammoland News, the suprised Joshua Eaton declined to comment on the submission of the list of gun channels to YouTube, and hung up. He also refused to tell AmmoLand News the name of his producer or who at NBC News assigned him to do the research that led to the loss of income for the small video creators. NBC is the sister company of MSNBC.


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