Neighbors say that the brewery shooter, Anthony Ferrill, built guns from mail-order parts

The Journal Times

MILWAUKEE — A Milwaukee electrician who police identified Thursday as the man who fatally shot five co-workers at one of the nation’s largest breweries enjoyed building guns, according to neighbors.

Authorities said 51-year-old Anthony Ferrill opened fire at the Molson Coors Brewing Co. complex on Wednesday, killing five male employees before turning his gun on himself.

His motive remains unconfirmed; police say the case is still under investigation. They also haven’t released details about how the shooting unfolded.

Milwaukee Police Chief Alfonso Morales said during a news conference that the victims were all from the Milwaukee area. He identified them as Jesus Valle Jr., 33, of Milwaukee; Gennady Levshetz, 61, of Mequon; Trevor Wetselaar, 33, of Milwaukee; Dana Walk, 57, of Delafield; and Dale Hudson, 60, of Waukesha.

Ferrill’s neighbors said he was a married father of two adult children and one younger daughter. They said he had worked at the brewery for about 15 years as an electrician. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported he served in the U.S. Coast Guard from 1987 to 1991 and was honorably discharged.

His brother, Benjamin Ferrill, of The Colony, Texas, told The Associated Press: “It’s a tragic loss to everybody. We’re still trying to digest it.”

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5 thoughts on “Neighbors say that the brewery shooter, Anthony Ferrill, built guns from mail-order parts

  1. What an unusually diverse group of victims. Just about one of every demographic , including an “israeli?” joo.

    Rather odd he “built it from mail order parts” instead of just purchasing one if his intent was murder/suicide. Not like he would be worried about a thing like that.

  2. People say he built guns with mail order parts… So.
    He had kids… So.
    He was honorably discharged from the coast guard… So
    No more details…
    Great read. Lol

  3. Not 1 dam thing illegal about that
    But , sounds like another issue we’re not going to comply with when they find a way to legislate building our own firearms

    Maybe we make a run on parts right now so they can all pound sand

    The firearm isn’t the problem

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