Netanyahu: Iran preparing for another Holocaust

netanyahuHaaretz Daily Newspaper – by DPA

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday accused Iran of planning another “Holocaust,” as the world marked International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

“Holocaust denial is continued energetically by a central state in the world,” he told his cabinet in Jerusalem.

“Not by groups. Not by single individuals. Not by marginal elements. But by Iran, whose leaders on a daily basis and at the United Nations and any other platform deny that the Holocaust occurred, while at the same time they prepare what they believe will be an additional Holocaust: The destruction of the Jewish state.”

Israel, he said, would not make the mistake of underestimating the threat and his government’s first and foremost mission remained to prevent Tehran from becoming a nuclear power.

The day of remembrance marks the anniversary of the 1945 liberation by the advancing Red Army of the survivors of Auschwitz, the largest Nazi death camp.

Netanyahu also warned the ministers during the weekly cabinet meeting against the risk of chemical weapons from Syria falling into the hands of Hezbollah.

“It is necessary to look at our surroundings, both at what is happening with Iran and its proxies, and what is happening in other arenas – lethal weaponry in Syria, which is steadily breaking up,” Netanyahu said during the weekly cabinet meeting.

On Saturday, a senior Iranian official was quoted as saying that Iran would consider any attack against Syria as an attack against itself.

These threats, Netanyahu stressed, require Israel to form the largest coalition possible.

“The Middle East is not awaiting for the outcome of election and is not stopping  while the [Israeli] government is assembled. We are facing many threats, from the most dangerous ones, which I have mentioned, to others and reality continues to evolve – in the east, in the north, in the south – the entire area is raging and we must prepared and strong and determined in the face of any possible development. For this reason, I will seek to form the widest and most stable government in order to respond, first and foremost, to every security threat,” Netanyahu said.

Several Iron Dome anti-missile batteries have recently been deployed to northern Israel, including around Haifa, the IDF confirmed on Sunday. Last week, the IDF conducted an exercise meant to expand the system’s capabilities.

The IDF Spokesman’s Unit said the batteries were deployed on an experimental basis in various spots around the country, ahead of a more permanent deployment in the near future.

15 thoughts on “Netanyahu: Iran preparing for another Holocaust

  1. Death camps occured because of the Allies’ air strikes on anything
    that moved on the ground thus impeding any food delivery to work
    camps such as Auschwitz..Deaths were due to starvation and typhus..
    No forensic evidence exist to prove otherwise…

  2. This Nodding-Yahoo fellow is a complete asshole.

    “his government’s first and foremost mission remained to prevent Tehran from becoming a nuclear power.”

    and yet Isra-hell has hundreds of nuclear weapons – ergo – GIANT hole in the logic – so go screw yourself BIBI you disgusting piece of filth.

  3. Agreed. Netanyahoo is a lying, duplicitous, vile sack of shit…I’m not even sure that scumbag is even human. It’s not “holocaust denial”, Benny the Rat, it’s holocaust reality, as in there really was no such thing as the holocaust as you permanent-victim manipulative avaricious little shit-weasels like to continually piss & moan about. You degenerates are a disgrace and an insult to real Jews. Auschwitz was a prison labor camp, nothing more and nothing less, and Franco’s comment above is entirely accurate.

    In addition, if Iran is such a serious threat to Jews, then please explain why Iran continues to have one of the oldest thriving Jewish communities in history and why these real Jews have continually refused all offers, pleadings, and enticements to relocate to “Israel”?

    Netanyahoo, do the world a big favor and blow your own head off, you evil AshkeNAZI pig-f#@ker.

    1. “Netanyahoo, do the world a big favor and blow your own head off, you evil AshkeNAZI pig-f#@ker.”

      You left out Zionist.

  4. They keep pushing the idea that driving the Zionist invaders out of Palestine would be an offensive act. Was driving the NAZIs out of France and Belgium an offensive act?

    what the murderous thieving Zionist crusaders call “Israel” is Zionist occupied Palestinian lands. And driving the Zionists out of Palestine would be a defensive action.

    800,000 Zionists have already shown that the liberation of Palestinian lands of the Zionist invaders would not be a holocaust. Those 800000 have ended their part in the Zionist crusade, left Palestine, and are now in there actual homelands or other lands they got permission to move to. No holocaust.

    And I have never seen any actual evidence of the first alleged holocaust that many Zionists were claiming between the wars , or the 2nd alleged holocaust that supposedly happened during the 2nd world war.

  5. Holocaust? WHAT “holocaust” LMFAO! “met-a-yahoo” must mean HOLOHOAX. There was NO holocaust. Research the FACTS. There is not a single shred of proof that 6 million jews were killed by nazis, but there is overwhelming proof it was and is, a hoax – it is just another LIE by the jews, who love attention and sympathy. After the war to re-take America, there will be NO israel for these zionscum. zion racists have killed MILLIONS of innocent people, and soon, when the revolution begins here this year, it WILL be their turn, for real.

  6. International Holocaust Remembrance Day was a great party here, but we got drunk so the house is a mess, and I still have a Rabbi in the oven.

  7. I think it is inevitable that there will be a holocaust. By flaunting alleged supremacy and causing misery for billions of people all over the globe Israeli jews who are also citizens elsewhere will bring it upon themselves.
    When it comes the vast majority in the world will take the “he had it coming” view that is often expressed when a bully receives a beating or worse.

    Jews have been the perpetrators of more atrocities that anyone else. The Red Army was commanded by jews and there were jews in Hitler’s army.
    Their cruelty against Palestinians is legend.

    The day may soon come when jews in Israel find themselves trapped by those big walls that they have built. Imagine how easy it will be to shut the air and sea ports leaving the only means of exit by the checkpoints that jews have built themselves. Define irony. Other countries may decide to revoke the citizenship and send the jews back to their “promised land” to meet their fate and their maker.

  8. The Holohoax is still to this day one of the most difficult events to convince most sheeple that it never happened.

    Personally, I’m hoping that Putin makes good on his threat to turn Israhell into a glass ashtray.

    Then, every year on that date, we could all celebrate “International Zionist Pig Roast Day”.

    I don’t drink at all anymore, but on that day I would make an exception.

    I’d party till I passed out.

  9. Their insanity is for greater Israel.
    They’ll stop at nothing to attain this goal.
    The evangelical base in the US is joined at the hip with Israel.
    I suppose it’s psychological…even though the Jews killed Jesus.
    No Israel would mean no Armegeddon and no second coming.
    In the book of Revelations there must be an Israel.

    Side Note:

    Looks like Joe Farah of Worldnetdaily is becoming more of a Mossad mouthpiece than Debka…lol.


  10. If Iran were really planning another holocaust, would they not start with the Jews living inside Iran? The fact is the Iranian Jews have a good life, so good that they refused a financial offer from Israel to move there!

  11. More and more people from around the World “waking up”!!!
    Internacional Zionism with its “only child” – Province of Palestine called Israel – was the biggest, most embarising mistake of UN….
    Anexation process/not peace process/, inbuild into Zionist Colonist strategy from very begining is so open these days…neverending warmongering is frightening…
    Israel is simply hybrid of “Pure classical colonist ideology with truth face of fashism”.
    Hidden Truth from WW2, Zionist conections, involvement, sponsoring of Horrors of 20th century is so carefully kept secret, that should only 10% of their Evil agenda became public….then colonist project of Israel would colapse, but!!!!! Here is the BIG BUT!!! These Fanatics have illegal, undeclared arsenal of WMD!!! Ready to go!!!
    Their blackmail will hopefully backfire, because there is no precedens from Mankinds history “How to deal with Terrorists armed with WMD”!!!!
    I trully wish this Evil ideology simply vanished and mankind worked on Universal formula, on UNIVERSAL MORAL CODEX….But its imposible while Zionism is “alive”….
    Torah Judaism – yes!, Zionist version of Judaism, Zionist unbiblical!!!shortcut to promised land with endless wars, sufferring and gross injustice NO NO NO peter czech

    1. Internacional Zionism with its “only child” – Province of Palestine called Israel – was the biggest, most embarising mistake of UN….

      @ peter vojta: WRONG! That was NO MISTAKE. One of THE main reasons the Zionists instigated WWll was for the purpose of creating the U.N., due to the failed attempt to bring in the League of Nations after WWl.

      The other main reason was, as usual, to make massive amounts of money by funding BOTH sides (as well as reducing the population).

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