Netanyahu: Israel Prepared for ‘Very Intense’ War With Lebanon

By Jason Ditz – Antiwar.Com

Yesterday it was reported that Britain had informed the Lebanese government that it should prepare for a full-scale Israeli war by mid-month. This report now appears to be confirmed as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu talks up Israel’s readiness for such a war.

Following the war cabinet meeting, Netanyahu declared on Wednesday that Israel is prepared for a “very intense” operation against Lebanon, asserting that he would restore calm to the north of Israel one way or another.

For eight months, Israel and Hezbollah have been trading near daily fire across the border, and Israeli politicians have demanded a resolution as tens of thousands of civilians are being displaced by this military action.

War has been anticipated all year, but the starting point has moved closer, with Israeli Army Chief Lt. Gen. Herzi Halevi reiterating that Israel is ready for an offensive, and that a decision point is at hand.

Lebanese PM Nijab Mikati claims reports of an imminent war are baseless, and that repeated media reports of Britain warning of the war are untrue. He added that he’s never been given any such warning.

Israeli airstrikes today continued to target motorcyclists across southern Lebanon, killing two riders in Naqoura with a drone attack. The slain were reported as Hezbollah members. A separate attack wounded three people, who were also identified as Hezbollah.

The United States and France have spent months trying to negotiate a settlement to prevent the war. The hope has been for both sides to cease firing and that Hezbollah relocate further north, resolving Israeli complaints about that organization’s presence right on the border.

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